November 1st, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2


I did a couple of errands, one of which involved going through [Main Line town].  I took what was relatively a back road, which was a mistake, because the road was closed and there was a detour.  I took a more main road on the way to the grocery store, and there was work shutting down the right lane of that for a little way, too.  Presumably they were working on trees and power lines.  I guess that town and the surrounding area got hit pretty hard as far as power going out and trees falling.  That's the area where S.M. lives, and where S.'s mom lives, and they both lost power.

J. and K. want me to come visit.  J. called right after I got back from my driving adventures doing my errands.  I said I couldn't leave right away, that they knew how I packed.  I said I'd leave around 7:00 p.m., after rush hour.  J. said maybe 6:00, and now I'm thinking 6:30 or so.

Parts of the little section of Glee fandom blogs I read are talking about race again.  I agree with Canuck Jacq on this one (and generally with her).  I've already said as much before in various places.  I'm coming from a position of privilege.  I know there are people with direct experience with racism that I don't have.

Later: I drove down to Baltimore.  I sent a text saying "On my way" before I started driving, and thought I might have jinxed myself.  I took roads that were back roads compared to Route 95.  I only went on 95 for a little way towards the end of the drive.  I was worried about deer, but didn't see any.  Shortly before I got on 95 a car went through a crossroad in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes.  I would have noticed if there had been a traffic light there.  That car was going fast, too.  That turned out to be the only excitement.

The drive to Baltimore takes two hours from where I live in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I ended up doing what was a fair amount of driving for me today.  I talked to J. and K. for a couple of hours, and then we watched a couple of shows about tattoo artists.  J. has several tattoos, and I have one of a rose.  I was interested in the shows about tattoos.

I gave J. and K. a summary of the race discussion I mentioned that keeps coming up.  They wondered why people were spending so much time on it.  I have my editing, but that's not a 9-5 job.  I don't know where other people are finding the time to comment, but they're making time.  It's my opinion that some comments are more thoughtful than others.  I don't believe that my comments are as important as those of someone who's directly dealing with racism.

J. and K. and I are talking about perhaps going to a zoo in the next couple of days.  We'll probably go to a video store and pick up a copy of the Avengers.  We'll see what there is to do around Baltimore, depending how cold it is.  I forgot to suggest the aquarium, but that's not cheap.  J. took me there for my thirtieth birthday, and arranged it so I could pet a dolphin.  That was a cool experience.  I'll post on what we do Friday and Saturday.