October 20th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2


I fell asleep at one a.m., and woke at seven a.m.  I was glad enough to go to sleep so early, though I wish I'd gotten eight hours in.  Perhaps I can go to sleep that early again tonight.  I hope so.

Mom and I went to the Vanity Fair outlets in Reading.  We didn't get lost, but there was a fair amount of construction, including a few miles of road that was down to one narrow lane with concrete barriers on either side.

Once we got there, it turned out to be a pretty productive trip for me.  Among other things, I got a pair of jeans.

I finished Too Soon For Love.  I thought it was good.  (*spoilers*)  I was surprised that the protagonists had sex with other men while they were interested in each other.  That's not the usual rule for a romance.  Alan had sex with a guy and then introduced him to his twin brother.  I've read and edited my share of books with a protagonist having sex with brothers, but this one seemed like a more serious book to me.  They didn't have a threeway or anything, but Alan was perfectly comfortable with his twin brother Tom having sex with the same man he'd had sex with.

Later: I worked on a couple of editing jobs.  I'd feel good about turning in the one due Thursday on Sunday, but I'll read it over one more time.