October 9th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2


I slept from 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., which is really good for me.  That's my ideal.

I went to the podiatrist so he could follow up on how I was doing with my sensible shoes.  I'm still glad I got ones that look like sneakers.  I'm doing okay with them.

I went to S.M.'s house to help her with the computer.  We got everything done that she wanted to get done.  I helped her download attachments and write an e-mail to garden club members.  She had a lot going on and was out running an errand at the time we were supposed to meet up, but she said she'd left the door unlocked and to make myself at home.  I did.  I'd brought my e-reader with me so I could read in the waiting room at the doctor's, so I read until she came back.

She made another quick trip to the pharmacy for medicine later while I'd volunteered to watch for a repairman for her.  I encouraged her to do that trip.  It all worked out, and she thought I was being very helpful.  I messed around on the computer while she was at the pharmacy.  It was fine.  I was trying to think of websites that weren't either romance publishers or blogs that were likely to have swearing on them.  I realized that I know the address by heart of several romance publishers.

I was trying not to dwell, but AfterElton still has plenty of news on Glee, what happened in "The Break-Up" and speculation on what will happen in future episodes.  Some fans still think that Blaine only kissed or made out with Eli.  It never crossed my mind that Blaine did less than have sex with Eli.  I define "have sex with" for Blaine as handjobs, blowjobs or anal.  I figured anal.  I think it's because of my usual taste in reading material.

Some spoilers say that there's a scene in a later episode where Blaine is sitting on a bed and a random guy gets him a glass of water.  If that happens, I would take it to mean that Blaine swallowed.  Seriously, that's what it would indicate to me.  I have no idea if that scene will happen.  I think it would be interesting if it did.  I speculate that the teenage fangirls will suffer.  I speculate that Blaine's going to go on a downward spiral for much of the rest of the season.  Maybe it's just me.