August 11th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2


I picked up S. at noon.  He's currently living in an apartment not far at all from the house.  We recycled three or four bags of paper and threw away a couple of bags of random junk.  We took some books, clothes and unused craft supplies to Goodwill.
Paul Neyron rose 2

reality TV

Hulu has a thirty-day delay on showing the Glee Project, so I knew it would be a while before I caught the episode I missed, which was Adaptability.  I was curious to see Kevin McHale and his mentoring.  Aylin won the homework assignment and did well in the video.  The thing the mentors were saying was that on Glee, things changed from day to day, and the actors had to adapt to that.  Some of the contestants did better than others with adapting.

I knew Mario was the one to go home that week.

Now that I know that the episode will be up on Hulu for a couple of weeks, I may do a marathon with that one in the correct order, at least a marathon of the first few episodes.  The first couple of episodes, I didn't really feel like I got to "know" the contestants before they were gone.  The last few I've seen much more of different contestants' commentary on events, how they felt about events and other people.