July 29th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

I went to bed not long after midnight and woke around 9:00 a.m.  I think I know why I got sleepy so early.

I went to the library to get more in the John the Lord Chamberlain series.  The library is open from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.  I left early and got there at 12:45 p.m.  I'd brought my small e-reader with me, so I sat on a bench and read for a bit.  An older lady asked if she could sit next to me, and we chatted for the ten minutes remaining until the library opened.  I got the third through the eighth in the series.  I asked the reference librarian if she could find the short stories about John that had been published in anthologies prior to the publication of One for Sorrow.  She found a possible one, The Mammoth Book of something -- mysteries or crime or such.  I requested it through interlibrary loan.

S. called while I was in the library, but you're not supposed to talk on cell phones in the library.  When I was done in the library, I looked to see who'd called, and sat on a bench between the inner and outer doors of the library to talk with him.  He said he'd call tomorrow with his schedule for the week, like when he could come over and help me with room organizing.  S. said he had to figure out when he and his dad would get together for a day out.

At 12:45 there were maybe a half dozen cars in the library parking lot.  When I came out a bit before 1:30, the parking lot was full.  The library is a popular place on Sundays.

I was supposed to go get the garden club programs from S.M. at 2:00 p.m.  I called her to ask if I could come a little early, going directly from the library to her house.  She was finishing up lunch, but said she'd be finished by the time I got there.  She showed me what was blooming in her garden -- phlox, portulaca, black-eyed Susans, and a number of other things.  S.M. said that the Japanese anemones would be blooming fairly soon.  They were in bud.  The flowers are so delicate and pretty.  She had lemon verbena, and I stepped into the garden to rub its leaves.  I didn't get any lemon verbena this year.  I told S.M. that the next time I came, I'd bring my camera and take pictures, and that she should come over to see the cardinal flower.

S.M. gave me the list of garden club programs for the year and showed me the cover for the garden club handbook.  It was a design of stylized African violets going in a circle with the name of the club in a nice font in the center.  I complimented it.  I asked her if she'd like me to help her do anything on the computer.  We tried scanning one of the covers, but I didn't know how to work her scanner.  We got some things done with documents and e-mail, though, and I showed her about making new folders within documents and changing fonts in Word.

My plan for the afternoon is to read some of Three for a Letter, go out and see the cardinal flower and the last of the tiger lilies, and do some editing.

A couple of hours later: I went out and took pictures of the tiger lilies and cardinal flower.  Mom asked me if I wanted to go out in the new car.  "Where to?" I asked.  Of course the answer was to a grocery store.  I decided to go.  The car has a navigation system that shows what street you're on, and shows the car as an arrow.  That was pretty cool.  Mom doesn't like the way the headrests go, and says she thinks she'll mostly let Dad drive the car.  He drives in a very rough manner.

So I had my first trip in the new car.

Just before midnight: I finished Three for a Letter.  It's a 368 page book.  I read it on and off within eight hours, with breaks for that grocery store trip, looking at the flowers, and dinner.  When I'm up to it, I can read a novel relatively quickly.