July 17th, 2012

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Tuesday so far

I went to bed not long after midnight and slept until 9:00 a.m.  I'm as shocked as anyone that I actually got up that early.  Soon after I got up, I called the local Barnes & Noble and asked whether they had The Land of Stories.  The associate asked if I wanted them to hold a copy for me.  I did.  I went there and picked it up.  The Barnes & Noble didn't look busier than usual, certainly not as busy as a weeknight or weekend.  It was around 11:00 a.m. at that point.

I went to the grocery store, said hi to P., and got a few things.

I have editing I can work on, so I'll do my first read-through of that novella.  I'll probably read at least part of The Land of Stories.

Somewhat later: I got a good bit of editing done.

Several hours later: I finished The Land of Stories.  I'd read a few reviews of it by people who had ARCs of it.  I didn't want to be spoiled any more than I had been.  The early reviews I read didn't really spoil it, though.  I thought it was good quality writing.  It's been a few decades since I was a middle-grade reader, but there was a good amount for adults to get out of the book.  It held my interest.  It had been a while since I finished a novel.  This one was a children's book, but I'm still counting it as novel-length.

I watched the segments of The View and Good Afternoon America that had Chris Colfer on them.  He got a number of questions that must be very familiar to him.  The View tried to treat Kurt and Blaine having sex in The First Time as something that was shocking to America.  Chris said that the letter-writing haters needed to get a hobby.  He didn't actually use the word "haters" in that sentence.  He said he got lots of letters written in secret from kids who were in bad environments for them.  I'll have to watch again for the words there.

Here's the quote: "I don't listen to those people.  I mean, I feel like those people should stop writing letters and get a hobby...I personally get letters from kids every single day who write to me in secret because they live in environments that don't accept who they are.  I really could care less what those people say."  I saw the quote on gleekto's Tumblr.

The View showed a clip of Kurt and Blaine's first time.  It was so mild that it could be shown on afternoon television, which says something.  I found it completely unshocking at the time I watched it, and it's not just me.  I was more surprised that it was that mild, which might be just me.  The View was all about how it was controversial because it was a gay love scene, but I thought Chris handled that pretty well.

Hopefully I'll see clips of him in Good Morning America around on the web.  I missed that.  Given some of the online sites I follow, I wouldn't be surprised.  One of the hosts of Good Afternoon America asked him for a throwing star or sai sword demonstration.  I really wondered about the request for a throwing star demonstration.  Chris didn't have his sai swords with him.  There have been clips of him twirling them on other shows, though.  The people on both shows I saw today could have asked much better questions.

I'm glad I got and read the book.

Paul Neyron rose 2

reality TV again

Previous to watching the Glee Project: The Glee Project is on tonight. I think the guest mentor is Grant Gustin, who played Sebastian. I wonder how the contestants will react. I hope that at least one of the guest mentors who plays a gay character -- I think there will be three -- reminds the contestants of how very high the odds are that they'll play a GLBT* character if they win a role. I'm sure the odds are higher than on any other network show. They had Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, as a mentor, too. That makes four. From what I understand, it wasn't planned that Santana would eventually come out as a lesbian.

After watching the Glee Project: As the promos for the Glee Project had indicated, Grant Gustin was the guest mentor.  The actor seemed far nicer than the character.  Well, that's so for Jane Lynch, too, from everything I hear.  The contestants were excited to see Grant.  Ali won the homework assignment, so she got the one-on-one mentoring session with Grant.  Ali has consistently done well.

The contestants played various pop and rock stars in the Theatricality assignment.  The one who played Boy George -- Blake, I think his name is? -- said he had a gay brother.  I hope his brother was already out.  Blake(?) seemed to take playing Boy George in stride.  He said something about knowing he didn't have to play a gay guy as a stereotype, or words to that effect.

Abraham's assignment was to play David Bowie.  Abraham was really thrown when Nikki asked him if he himself was androgynous.  Abraham later said to the camera that he'd gotten bullied a lot for being androgynous.  If he won, it seems likely he'd play an androgynous character.  The writers use what they have from the Glee Project.  I didn't watch season one, but from what I understand, they used Samuel's Christianity and Alex wearing drag.  They certainly used Damian's accent, as I recently rambled in a post about Rory getting mocked for not speaking in American Standard English.

I think that one way or another the guys were sufficiently reminded that they could be playing gay, bi, or genderqueer characters if they won.

Abraham was in the bottom three, mostly, it seemed, for him getting so thrown by the androgyny question and letting it affect his singing.  Nellie was in the bottom three for again lacking confidence.  Lily was in the bottom three for not playing a character, but just herself.  Lily raged to the powers-that-be.  She fights with them.  It was Nellie who went home, though.
Paul Neyron rose 2

in the garden

I went out at 8:00 p.m. It was still uncomfortably hot. 'Duchesse de Brabant' has a bloom and a bud. 'Sharifa Asma' has a bud. That's one I got as a year-old rose. It's still fairly small. Apparently it can start blooming when it's still pretty young. The sambac jasmine has a couple of flowers and a couple of buds. It's taking very well to being in the raised bed. That was in its original pot for at least two years and survived. I think it has a nice fragrance. The lantana and geraniums are blooming. The tiger lilies that are in the ground, the ones on the north side of the house, are blooming. Some of the ones in pots by the west side of the house are in bud.