June 24th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

There's been a surprising amount of it, though it hasn't been terrifically productive yet.  I fell asleep around 8:00 p.m. last night, and slept until 11:00 p.m.  Then I went back to sleep around 5:00 a.m. today and slept until 7:00 a.m.  I'm not feeling great.  However, I do want to work on Tiger Cub's book today.  Mom's phone is broken.  The casing fell off.  We're wary about gluing it back on lest we get glue into some important mechanism.  I told her I'd take it to the AT&T store.  She doesn't want to miss the doubleheader baseball games.  She'll have to go along at some point to pick out a new phone, which is an agonizing process of her looking at a phone for half an hour, saying she'll get it, changing her mind, and looking at another phone for half an hour, then possibly repeating the process again before leaving without having gotten a new phone.

I've been seeing things around the Internet about the Glee Equality Project, which starts out with the premise that the same-sex couples should kiss as much as the opposite-sex couples on the show.  Where were they at the beginning of the third season?  I've said here and there, mostly at AfterElton and sometimes here, that I accept that Kurt and Blaine are wary of public displays of affection.  They have good reason to be, considering how much they were both bullied and that Blaine was gay-bashed for taking a boy to a dance.  Kurt and Blaine haven't kissed in public yet, though they've held hands in semi-public areas, and hugged now and then.  They've danced together a couple of times.  Now Kurt and Santana have graduated, so I'm doubtful Kurt and Blaine, or Brittany and Santana, will even be in the same state with each other.

Canuck Jacq had this to say about the Glee Equality Project: "I will support the GEP the minute they ask their supporters to send a letter to their elected representatives about housing, employment, tax, inheritance, guardianship, healthcare and other issues that face the gay community before they send their letter about pretty boys not kissing enough on television."

I'll have to talk to S. to see what bills there are here in Pennsylvania, but Pennsylvania's pretty backwards among the Mid-Atlantic states about LGBT rights.  I know about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, but don't know what its status is.  Jacq is concentrating on the serious business.  S. is more interested in serious issues than in pop culture.  He'll know for the federal and for Pennsylvania.

Slightly later: I e-mailed S.  I'll see what he says.

A couple of hours later: I took Mom's phone and mine to the AT&T store.  The associate who helped me went right for the Crazy Glue to glue the casing back on, only the glue tube kind of exploded in his hand, and he raced off to the bathroom in the back of the store to try to wash the glue off and prevent his fingers from sticking together.  He was successful in not having his fingers stick together, though he still had stripes of glue on his fingers and thumb when he came back.  Poor guy.  His fellow associate laughed at him.  Anyway, the original associate managed to glue the phone casing back onto the phone.

I asked about getting the Kindle app on my phone to work, as it hadn't done anything the last few times I tried it.  The associates uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and it seems to be working now.  All my books showed up in the archive.  So it was a pretty productive trip.

I watered the plants in the raised bed when I got home, and some of the plants out in the front yard and on the porch.  Most of the clivia's leaves are yellow.  I'm thinking about cutting off all the leaves and starting over.  It is a bulb, after all.  The caladiums still look pretty good.  I took one dead leaf off the white one.

I wrote to Canuck Jacq, and she quoted me.  She'd been posting about how apparently quite a number of Glee viewers think Kurt is a loser.  I said, "I think of Kurt surviving high school as a victory."  I'd say Glee isn't that dark a show, but it almost is.  The odds in real life would be stacked against someone like Kurt.  I thought my criteria was pretty reasonable.

The deep irony is that I'm quite happy to see pretty boys kissing on TV, or reading about that.  However, my priorities are weighted more seriously.  That's what came across.

Noting to myself: I've been seeing a good deal of people wondering why Kurt's storylines played out the way they did in the third season of Glee.  To me, the message seemed to be that Kurt would have to work really hard for things other people would just get handed to them, and sometimes he still wouldn't get those things.  That's been one of the messages about him since the first season.  Whether it came from Will or from other students and teachers at McKinley, there was a lot of discrimination.  At times, it seemed more institutionalized than personal in season three, but sometimes it was still personal.