April 28th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2


I went to the alumni/student GLBT organization pizza party at [university].  S. was not there.  I later sent him a text saying that he was a fink for skipping it, but to have a good weekend anyway.  I can understand him needing a break from school events.  He's probably in Philadelphia, and I'll probably get a drunk text from him later.  I met a recent alum named I. and talked to B. a little bit.  B. has a lot of personality, and I wish I'd gotten to know him better.  Well, he's graduating in December, so I'll probably see him again.

I spent about an hour there, and had a couple pieces of pizza and rainbow cupcakes.  I figured I'd put in my appearance.

Later: I watched "Saturday Night Glee-ver" and "Dance With Somebody" again.  It's been good to see the Kurt and Mercedes friendship again.  Kurt said in the Christmas episode that Blaine was his best friend, but Kurt and Mercedes were very good friends for a long time.  I was glad that Kurt and Blaine managed to talk things out in "Dance With Somebody."  Someone (calanthe-b?) said that Kurt took his cue from Burt and how Burt talked things out with him, about withdrawing because someone is leaving.  Burt said he was doing it, and Blaine finally said that that's what he'd been doing.  Kurt has learned to be self-sufficient, but he still appreciates support.

Blaine has become a "bro" on Glee.  Kurt is not.  Despite Blaine not being on the football team, he's one of the boys, and likes hanging out with boys.  Kurt still allies himself with the girls.  He doesn't need the alliance like he did, but he likes it.  Everyone was on Blaine's side in "Dance With Somebody," though, or so it appeared.  The ND boys are generally pretty good friends with Kurt.  Mike and Sam were from early on after they met Kurt.  Artie never objected to Kurt, though Artie was sexist and that bled over here and there.  Puck came around.  Finn eventually came around after much bowing to peer pressure and being freaked out that Kurt had a crush on him.

Blaine isn't self-sufficient the same way Kurt is, not yet.  Blaine is still big on trying to make the people around him happy.  I expect that he'll be a good support person for Artie in Artie's leadership.  It was interesting to see Blaine being mean again in "Dance With Somebody," before he and Kurt made up.  Kurt can be pretty vicious, but Blaine stands up to him without much problem.  Blaine usually acts mellow, though.  I really like both characters, but I like that they have faults, too.  It makes them more interesting.