March 14th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

minor observations and going outside again

I'm quite determined to enjoy my flowers and shrubs while they're in bloom.  I went out to the winter honeysuckle.  The blue sweet violet is in full bloom.  I brought out my leather gauntlets and pruning shears, but didn't do any pruning.  I have four miniature roses coming up, three relatively evenly spaced in one rectangular pot and one at the end of another rectangular pot.  This is the perfect reason to get two more minature roses.  Not that I wouldn't think of reasons anyway.  Miniature roses are own-root, as you might expect, because those would be some fiddly little grafts.  I'll see what they have at the produce place.

I picked some 'Ice Follies' daffodils and brought them in.  They have white tepals (petals and sepals) and a yellow center that fades to white.  Not my favorite look as far as daffodils go, but, man, are they tough plants.  A couple of the 'King Alfred' daffodils have opened, and the classic yellow trumpet and tepals is a favorite look of mine with daffodils.  I need to think of public gardens that have daffodils, and get there.  Maybe the Tyler Arboretum or possibly Winterthur.

I got sidetracked from reading Letters from Titan, and read quite a lot of Deconstructing Glee posts last night.  They even quote Uly at one point.  It was a comment he made on the "Night of Neglect" recap.  They say, "who calls himself Ulysses."  In his case, he calls himself that because it's his name.  I should comment to that effect.

I got a lot of editing done, reading two previous stories in a series for the continuity, and then reading through the one to edit.  It's in good shape as far as sentence structure and grammar go.  There's content with the heroine getting in trouble and the trouble going into sexual assault territory -- not by the hero.  That makes me uncomfortable.  I may say something about possibly changing it more to threats and less to touching.  I know getting rescued from that is a fantasy for some women, and I accept that.  The non-sex plots involve a television show.  In the first story, the director is called "prissy."  By stories two and three, he's referred to as her "gay director."  That's his label.  I realize the stories aren't long enough for him to really be developed as a character, but I wish he was more than that.

I got the two free promo e-books from Ellora's Cave.  I have an awful lot of Ellora's Cave books filed in "not read yet -- other publishers."  I need to make some Ellora's Cave files to separate them out, like I have books sorted by Loose Id, Samhain and AQP.  I have certain books filed by author, but the majority are sorted by publisher.  It makes sense to me.

So I'm thinking about going to the produce place, but aside from that, I'll likely just get more time outside.  If I get ambitious, I may go to [big independent garden center].  Home Depot should have a good number of early spring flowers available by now.  I want to go there on a weekday, because it's packed there on spring weekends.
Paul Neyron rose 2

later Wednesday

I never did go out shopping.  I woke with a headache, and took some Advil.  Sometime later, my stomach wasn't so great, so I was feeling less than ambitious.  I'm glad I got out to see the flowers, though.

I read all of the Deconstructing Glee entries up to this date.  Julia and RM (Racheline Maltese) had some particularly useful comments, but I enjoyed many of the entries and found most of the comments added to the discussion.  Don't Turn It Off (dontturnitoff/Shanna) is a huge Karofsky fan.  I thought she made some good points, though I only agreed with about half of them.  Still, I'm reading her blog, too.  I should encourage her to get in touch with Northboy, or vice versa.

Several of the bloggers whose blogs I've been reading are saying that Blaine's mental state really isn't too good, and that Kurt's going to get himself in some kind of trouble.  I think Kurt might get some backlash about Karofsky from Burt.  After all, Kurt knew since "Never Been Kissed" that Karofsky was gay, and chose not to out him, even under extreme duress.  Kurt told Blaine at the time, but didn't tell anyone else, not his family or other members of New Directions.

I'm still struck with how Mercedes said Dave was outed, that he was seen with Kurt on Valentine's Day.  That was enough to do it.  Karofsky had tried to reach out, but realized it was dangerous for him to be seen with Kurt in public.  Such a contrast to Blaine, who wanted to hear Kurt's voice, and was openly affectionate with him at the Valentine's Day party.  It's not possible to be with Kurt and be closeted.