March 10th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday so far

It's cold out today.  I'm thinking of going back to the Flower Show.  I didn't shop last time (Monday), and perhaps this time I'll shop.  I feel like I already saw what I wanted to see of the displays there, though.

I fell asleep around ten last night, and woke at seven, so I've already been up for some hours.  Last night I linked Uly, A. and L. on AE to the Letters from Titan / big life, small space Tumblr entry that had a letter from a man whose mind had been changed by Glee, and fortunately so for his son.  This is the original post:  Uly read it, and said it made him cry.  L. was going to be in statistics classes all day.  Tiger Cub said he saw it from my link on Uly's page.  Uly wants to put the letter up somewhere.  I'm not sure of the etiquette for that, but I said maybe he could contact the original writer.  I think it would be interesting to hear from his son.  So that's a couple of writers who are now aware of that letter, and Tiger Cub's an AE moderator.  It may well be seen more widely on AE.

(Added later: L. doubted whether the letter was real.  I conceded that she most likely had a point.  Still, it's nice to think that perhaps there are some folks out there who have become less homophobic from watching Glee.  It's possible.)

So we use and pass along our reactions to pop culture.  Some makes more of a difference.  Some reactions, like mine, seem to pass unnoticed (or maybe not quite so unnoticed as I think), but I'm okay with that.  If I'm getting some kind of word or support out to the people who really are making a difference, that makes it well worth it.  This LJ, after all, was always intended for me to be able to be completely self-indulgent on it, though it doesn't necessarily work out that way all the time.
Paul Neyron rose 2

later Saturday

I didn't go to the Flower Show.  I went out to look at the various plants around the house.  We have purple crocuses up, a couple in the crocus garden, one by the porch and one by the dogwood.  I'm still not sure how the one by the porch and the one by the dogwood ended up there.  If it was by seed, we'd have a lot more crocuses.  Perhaps it was squirrels.  I went out to the winter honeysuckle.  I'm determined to enjoy that for as long as it blooms.  It still has a good amount of buds.  It's supposed to be warmer out later in the week.

I got updates for iTunes, one of which was supposed to allow me to watch TV shows in iTunes.  I'd gotten a few Glee episodes last week and had no luck playing them, so I hoped that would work.  It worked, and I was able to watch "Asian F" and "Pot o' Gold."

I watched "Heart" and "On My Way."  The two episodes really go together.  Well, as the season should, but they make much more sense together.  Sometime during the hiatus, I'll probably do a season three marathon.

For upcoming episodes, some of the Glee bloggers I've been reading are saying that Blaine's mental state really isn't all that good, and that Kurt is going to get himself in some kind of trouble.  I'm okay with Blaine having a bad mental state, because it should make things interesting.  I don't especially want to see Kurt get in trouble, but that should also make things interesting.

As long as there's a fourth season, it's not like they're going to kill Blaine off.  The character is wildly popular.  Some fans want him to just be there as the perfect boyfriend.  That would get boring after a while.  I don't want to see a cheating storyline, but I'd be all right with Blaine otherwise being put through the wringer.  Glee does have other plots for their characters aside from cheating, although they've had a number of cheating storylines.  It's not up to the fans, or things would be very different.  I'm curious to see what happens.