March 3rd, 2012

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TV watching

I watched "On My Way" again.  Once again I was impressed with what incredible actors Chris Colfer and Max Adler are.  Their scenes were so good.  There was so much about making a community in the episode, about families and friendship.  There were eight queer characters in the episode, three same-sex couples.  All by itself, the show has so much representation of GLB characters.

Early on in the episode, Kurt, Blaine, Brittany and Santana have their queer community.  Later, there are allies, too, as Burt works with Hiram and Leroy Berry.  Burt must have come a long way in his thinking since Kurt was three.  He had time between when Kurt was three and when he was sixteen to consider a good deal about what having a gay son was like, and from sixteen to eighteen to deal with more of it directly with Kurt.  Burt seemed to have a good comfort level with Hiram and Leroy.

Finally, Kurt and Dave find a sense of community and friendship, too.  Kurt had always had that bare sense of community as far as believing it unethical to out Dave, even when threatened.  It became much more than that after "Born This Way," until finally Dave became a real part of Kurt's community.

It was interesting how Mercedes related the story of Dave being outed.  It was simply that he was seen with Kurt.  That was enough to do it.  Kurt must have been aware of that being the reason.  Joe Hart invited Kurt to come to the God Squad meeting, so Joe's comfort level with gay people has had to go up fast.

Things at William McKinley High School had evolved enough that Kurt and Blaine were holding hands in the hallway.  That was the Saturday of Regionals, I think, and the only other person in the hall with them was Quinn.  Still, it's huge progress from where it was for Kurt.

It was quite the spectrum of the queer community and allies.  The other New Directions members are allies, and so are the Warblers.  Blaine wasn't alone back when he was a Warbler, and Kurt had people giving him support.  There were six gay male characters on the show, when sometimes before Kurt had felt like he was the only one.  Times have changed.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday so far

It surprised me how warm it was out.  If I had known, I might have gone to Longwood Gardens.  We ran a couple of errands, including making it to the grocery store.  I got cream and a few other things.  I liked the travel-sized Cocoa Butter with Shea lotion I got in Florida quite a lot, so I got a full-sized bottle.  It was on sale, too.  I'd have French Vanilla Kahlua and cream, but I already had Jasmine Pearl tea today, and I think that's enough caffeine.

I felt that at least I could make it through my own garden, if I didn't get to any other gardens.  The yellow snow crocus has a couple of flowers open.  The leaf buds are swelling on the lilacs, and the quince is leafing out.  If I remember right, the quince flowers pretty early.  One of these years I will do something with the quinces.  The winter honeysuckle has plenty of bloom.

Even the old European roses are starting to break dormancy.  They went dormant at a reasonable time in late fall, and I'd hoped they'd stay dormant for another couple of weeks, but not so.  'Kazanlik' (a.k.a. 'Trigintipetala') is leafing out, and that's pure Damask.  It's used for attar of roses, and it has a nice enough scent, but I like the scent of 'Mme. Zoetmans' better.  'Konigen von Danemark' has a really pleasant fragrance, too, and 'Fantin-Latour'.  Rosa rugosa 'Alba' has discernible leaf buds, and that's usually as good as the European roses at staying dormant for the right amount of time.

Some of the daffodils have their leaves fully up, and buds showing.  I think 'Ice Follies' is early- to mid-season, and that's got buds.  You can't kill that variety with an ax.  It comes back, even thrives, despite years of neglect.  The leaves on 'King Alfred' are coming up.  I'm trying to remember if that's late season for daffodils.  There are a few cultivars with the name 'King Alfred'.  I have two kinds of cultivars.  At some point I'd like to plant some 'Dutch Master' daffodils.  They also have that "classic" look, yellow trumpet and petals (tepals?).

I asked A. if he wanted to call tonight.  Perhaps he will if he's not out with his buddies in his "Wolf Pack."  I told C. in Canada that she and AlbertaGirl could choose between themselves who would be called "Other Canadian," and C. said that AlbertaGirl should be "Other Canadian," then asked what her own nickname would be.  I said I'd consult with A., as he's coming up with most of them.

Julia of crown of weeds is doing a fan fiction told from the premise "what if Kurt was autistic?"  He's not, but it's an interesting fiction.  It's not terribly difficult to wonder if the character is completely neurologically typical, anyway.  I don't mean that in an insulting way, but as something that's worth consideration -- to me, at least.  Then again, I wonder often enough if a lot of the people I'm around are completely neurologically typical, because what is that, really?

I think of Kurt as having had situational depression at times.  Then again, several of the regular characters on Glee have probably had situational depression, because that's one of the things that happens when you live in the fictional Lima, Ohio.

I enjoyed the crown of weeds fictions with Brittany written as having an intellectual disability.  That's in my head as how it should be now.  Is that what's called "head-canon"?  I'm usually very strict about separating canon from fan fiction, but it made absolute sense that Brittany would have some kind of intellectual disability.  Her viewpoint is quite different from what Kurt, Artie and Santana, for instance, have as consensual reality.

So I'm reading, if not reading books, and at least I got outside.

I got "Asian F," "Pot o' Gold" and "On My Way" from iTunes, but couldn't figure out how to get them to play.  Just clicking on them only brought up a black screen -- no audio, even.  I'll have to ask J. and/or TeddyPig how to play TV shows on iTunes.

Later: My secret love child texted around 9:30 p.m. to say he was in Philadelphia.  He laughed when I said the most exciting thing I'd done today was grocery shopping.  I still want him to take me to the Bike Stop (leather bar) and introduce me as his mother, but I don't think that's going to happen.  It sounded like he was having a good weekend, though.  I'm happy for him.  Really.   
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seeing reviews

Dear Author and SBTB have had reviews of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey, which is apparently quite popular among some women as erotica.  It started out as a Twilight fan fiction, and then was changed to be more original.  Instead of the paranormal, it has a liking for BDSM as the difference the male protagonist has.  I haven't read the Twilight books, or seen the movies, so I have no basis there.  I haven't read the original fiction book, either, but it sounds like it has a very different view of BDSM than the romances I like.

Apparently it's deep in the first person of a very naive and vanilla female protagonist, and there seems to be a lot about how her love will "cure" the male protagonist of his lifestyle.  I don't believe that's how it works.  I can see why some women would like that as a fantasy, and what probably feels like to them a naughty fantasy, but it doesn't sound like the kind of book I'd like.

If I want to read about Dom/sub relationships, I have a lot of good books to go to.  I can read something of James', or Buildup: Mindscan, which I adore, or One Real Thing, to name just a few.  I read Natural Law on TeddyPig's recommendation, and it's probably the only romance I've liked that has a Domme.  I could read some of Simon Sheppard's stories.  I don't think being kinky is something to be cured of.

Without having read that particular book, that's the impression I get of it from those reviews and commentary. 
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I'm curious -- and some rambling

I asked on my profile page on AfterElton what my buddies think of the teenage fangirl conspiracy theory.  It appears to me that there are those members of AE who are convinced that when it comes to Glee and popularity/hotness polls about TV characters or their actors, teenaged fangirls come to AE to vote for Glee characters/actors.  I was skeptical, but it seems like some of my buddies believe something like this exists.  I'm sure I'll have more to say later.

I'm still struck by a facet of the reaction from the results of the Hot 100 poll.  The AE staff was once again disappointed that there were so few men of color in the 100.  Not that I'm saying that's not a legitimate complaint.  However, a number of readers pointed out that the staff hadn't counted several men on the list who were racially mixed.  It's a sensitive topic, but I thought it was a good thing those readers put that out there.  My opinion was that if the men in question identify as persons of color or as being of mixed race, they should be counted.  It seemed to me that a broader definition would be appropriate.

I went back, and I'm going to quote: "As is becoming an annual ritual, there is some unpleasant news. Only seven guys on the Hot 100 are men of color –up from six last year. We think this speaks to the relative lack of racial minorities among the ranks of TV and movie celebrities (where most Hot 100 picks come from). But given that only 70% of the U.S. is white, it’s also worth asking: do some gay and bisexual men need to broaden their definition of what it means to be hot?" (

That's what those readers were responding to.  They counted eleven men of color rather than seven.