March 2nd, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday so far

I made various phone calls and e-mails catching up with real life.  I ventured outside, though it was cold and is supposed to rain later.  I had my winter coat on, and my big aqua-green scarf, of course.  I put on my leather gauntlets for if I decided to go past the sweet briar.  I didn't get them this Christmas, but the Christmas before.  I'd ordered them from the Antique Rose Emporium, and they were given to me by J. and K.  Those leather gauntlets were the best present I got that Christmas.

I stopped to enjoy the fragrance of the sweet violets, then went over to the mahonia to smell its flowers.  I didn't go as far back in the back yard as the location of the winter honeysuckle today.

I noticed yesterday that the yellow snow crocus is in bud.  Several of the roses are leafing out, or at least showing signs of their leaf buds swelling.  'Duchesse de Brabant' and 'Maman Cochet' are clearly not dormant at this point.  'General Jacqueminot' and "Odee Pink" are leafing out.  "General Jack" is a Hybrid Perpetual, and should be reasonably hardy here.  "Odee Pink" is a found rose thought to be of Noisette descent, and really only hardy to Zone 7.  (We are in Zone 6.)

We'll see what happens if we have a late winter storm.  I'm not worried about the snowdrops or crocus, or even the daffodils, but I am worried about the tea roses, and how they were dormant for a total of about two days.  They don't need to go dormant in a mild climate, but they need to be dormant for a while here in Pennsylvania.

I commented on Julia's crown of weeds LJ post about parity.  I said I could understand being cautious about PDAs, which I am in real life.  However, my idea of gay couples on TV was formed by Alles was zaehlt and Verbotene Liebe, and AWZ went there, as did VL to some extent.  I mentioned Tom and Ulli's first lovemaking scene on Verbotene Liebe on New Year's of 2000, and how I thought it had had a backlash.  The YouTube channel it's on is aptly termed TorridGermanLove.

I am trying hard to get used to the contrast between that and Glee being on a conservative American network.  I realize I need to drastically, drastically lower my expectations.  Ulli was only in his early twenties, I think, and Christian was early- to mid-twenties.  Deniz was supposed to be eighteen.  Still, the characters were considered adults.  Also, the way the networks are run there is apparently very different.

Many of the sexual situations implied in Glee are in the students' verbal discussions, with as much innuendo as the writers can get past the censors' radar.  There have been some making out scenes that probably pushed boundaries for a show on a conservative network in that timeslot.  Also there have been a couple of "sex riots."  It's still a culture shock going from the German soap operas to an American show that has so many teenaged characters.
Paul Neyron rose 2

and books

Dear Author had a free Samhain novella listed in deals.  It wasn't free from Samhain itself, but free from Amazon, B&N and Sony.

MLR's free book is one by Jan Irving.  I saw Emerald Jaguar's (Emmyjag) review of The Janitor some time after she wrote it.

I haven't been reading that much lately, print or e-book.  There are books I've started, but I've only finished a few of the shorter ones.  I've mostly been concentrating on TV shows and reading blog posts here and there and notes on AE.  Oh, and texting and talking on the phone with S., J., and A.  So I have been in contact with people in real life.