February 20th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday so far

It's been quiet.  I deleted some music off of my iPod and put on newer-to-me music.  I charged up my e-readers.  I did some laundry.  I wrote to L. in AE feedback.  She thought the Deconstructing Glee episode recap of "Heart" was harsh on Karofsky.  I agreed with it.

I also said to A. in feedback that every so often there's a spate of conservatives and/or religious right guys who have corruption and/or addiction scandals and/or get arrested, then admit to having sex with men.  "Can we just say we (LGBT folks) don't want them?" I asked.  Seriously.  "Let them form their own group.  They could call it 'self-hating hypocrites,'" I suggested.

A. said, "Well, I don't think we can claim the outed conservative basket cases as our own - after all, they've been working against our interests and that is not the behavior of 'our own.'"

I went out to enjoy the snowdrops, winter honeysuckle and sweet violets.  It was in the forties, so I didn't particularly feel like going elsewhere, though I may have to make another grocery store trip.  I paid some bills.

Paul Neyron rose 2

rambling about TV

I've been reading more posts about the things Glee is doing with passing this year.  I agree with some of the bloggers that it's all very deliberate.  Some have the opinion that they're skewering white liberal views on race.  Santana did it to Will.  I believe that many of the male characters were sexist because that's the environment they're in.  Most of the male students in New Directions have gotten better with that.

There are mixed reactions to the way Glee is handling the storylines about race.  I believe the people who say that just because the characters feel a certain way, that doesn't mean the writers feel that way.  There's quite a lot of talk about whether Blaine is a white character.  At least a few bloggers make the point that many viewers just assumed he's white because he has light skin.  I was in the "assuming" category, for whatever that says about me.  Rachel did make that comment about how Blaine could give her "vaguely Eurasian-looking children."

I have in the last few weeks learned different words for this, "pinoy" being Filipino and "hapa" being a Hawaiian word for mixed.  I think it would be interesting if Blaine was a person of color.  I don't have a strong personal investment in this, but I'd love to see the explanation for why Mike and Tina hadn't commented on it.  The actor who's been cast to play Blaine's brother is white, so we'll see in April or so if he's a half-brother.  I definitely want to see more of Blaine's family dynamics.

Glee is doing long storylines around race, disability and sexual orientation in season three.  They've done so before, but it seems to be pretty political this year.  Blaine is openly gay.  I would think he'd be equally open about being racially mixed, if that was the case for the character.

[As of January 2014: Still nothing totally definite, but after what I've learned and various other in-canon hints, I go with the "assuming that Blaine is multiracial until told otherwise" viewpoint.]