February 8th, 2012

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TV watching - The Spanish Teacher

I lost count of how many times things on this week's episode of Glee were inappropriate and offensive.  (*all kinds of spoilers*)  Ricky Martin as David was fine, although one of the songs David sang was completely inappropriate -- "passion in my pants"? -- and one he performed with Santana, who's eighteen.  One really good part was Kurt thinking David was cute.  The facial expressions said it all, then Kurt saying something like, "Dear God, yes" about the idea of David performing.

There was a bit about taints that was just so wrong.  They went there in a big way.  Parts of this episode made me hide my face.  I hope the episode got a dialogue warning, because there was so much dialogue that crossed the line.

There was a line Julia may like, about how an evaluation was written in crayon, and Sue knew it was either Becky or Brittany who had written it, and Becky's the better speller.  I don't know how she'll take the crayon part, but it's an indication of Brittany's writing level.

Sue wants to be a mother, and was encouraging the male students in New Directions to donate to a sperm bank.  So wrong.  She didn't want Artie to.  "It was an accident," he said.

Sue then said, "Not you either, Porcelain.  The strangeness stops with you."  It was something along those lines.  "Strangeness" was definitely in there.

So much was inappropriately sexual with the way the adults talked to the students.  It's one thing for the students to talk like that amongst themselves.  Sue was incredibly creepy in that scene.  Yes, Sandy was creepy, but everyone knew he was creepy and awful.

The scene with Kurt and Finn talking about Finn and Rachel's engagement was really good.

At the end, Will decided that he was going to switch from teaching Spanish to teaching history.  David is to become the new Spanish teacher.  I wonder if that means he'll appear in future episodes.  I would not mind seeing more Ricky Martin performances.

Overall, though, it will take me a while to recover from this episode.  I'm not easily shocked when it comes to reading, as those who follow what kinds of things I'm reading will know.  This episode had so much of the adults being inappropriate around the kids.  Not that other episodes haven't had that, but this one hit me hard.

Next week's episode is supposed to have Brittany and Santana kissing, and it looks like a performance of "Love Shack," with Kurt and Mercedes singing.  That's a song I like a lot.  I have hopes for that episode.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday so far

It's been quiet thus far.  I thought about going out to [really big used bookstore], but it started snowing and I decided to stay in.  I was waiting for the AE recap of Glee.  Heather did it because Christie is on vacation.  I like Christie's recaps because she has some of the dialogue and recounts what actually happened in the episode.  Heather gives her impressions and does reimaginings.  I prefer sticking closer to what was going on.

However, Heather suggested a drinking game that was pretty good, drinking every time the teachers did something that was a fireable offense, with bonus points for things that were felonies.  I mostly drink Kahlua and cream, which wouldn't have been good for some of the scenes.

Letters from Titan had a take on it that had Emma as the Maiden, Sue as the Mother, and Kurt as the Crone.  I agree with some of what she says about Kurt being magical, but I wasn't so sure about "Crone."  Still, her interpretations are interesting.

Julia (crown of weeds) had a few impressions.  She approved of Becky.  Becky was acting independently, which was reassuring in a way to me.  I had been wanting signs that she was acting independently for quite some time before these last few episodes.

I think this is going to be one of those episodes that I just fast-forward through some parts of, the parts I can't deal with.  Then there are scenes I'll watch again, like Kurt's talk with Finn.  I'm glad there are opportunities for Ricky Martin to come back.  He's quite a performer.
Paul Neyron rose 2


U. of AfterElton said he reviewed the Taking the Odds series.  I found a review of his for All or Nothing.  I recommended the series to him.  I told him there were short stories as well.  I miss the freebie short stories that were on James' old website.

Later: I looked around for free books.  Ellora's Cave has Traveller's Refuge and Joey W. Hill's Holding the Cards as free books this week.  While I was there I got Charlie's Bargain by Evangeline Anderson and Fortune's Bride by Roberta Gellis.  Dancer's Delight goes before Traveller's Refuge in that series, so I got that.  I got Defying the Moon by Cheryl Dragon as a "treasure from the vault" (backlist book on sale).

The free MLR book is the short story "Home for the Holidays."  It follows Details of the Hunt.