February 2nd, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday so far

I lay down around 8:30 p.m., and dozed off and on until about 2:30.  I made a serious but unsuccessful attempt to get back to sleep around 4 a.m.  The previous night I had dozed from 10:30 until 2:00(?).  I wasn't doing too badly for a while there, but it's gotten pretty bad the last couple of nights.

I've continued to read blog posts about Glee by disabled bloggers, and I'm coming around to the view that Brittany is not neurologically typical, to a clinical level.  The argument is that she has an intellectual disability that goes far beyond ditziness.  She has a lot of emotional intelligence when she talks to Santana, but she has -- if I understand the phrase right -- magical thinking.  She's the farthest thing from touch aversive and can deal very well in a noisy environment, which seems to me to rule out any sensory integration problems.  Her proprioreception skills are off the charts in a good way.  There are other developmental disabilities that aren't so associated with such sensory issues, though.

Finn explained to Rory that Brittany was like "Rain Man with boobs."  Finn knows it's rude to call someone "retarded," or he would use that.  I'm taking this from what Julia of Just Stimming and the weedocracy says.  Julia's argument here makes sense.  Finn used the limited language he had for the situation, not having "intellectual disability" or "developmental disability" in his vocabulary.  Finn has dealt with Brittany a good bit, and knows what she's like.  Maybe she has some severe non-verbal learning disability that spared her coordination.

We know that Brittany's verbal, and quite sexually active.  Some have brought up the issue of whether she can consent.  I believe that to her ability, she's giving as informed a consent as she can.  She enjoys sex.  Now she has Santana able to be fully present for her.  I'd like to see more of that onscreen, but Brittany and Santana's relationship seems to still be going strong offscreen.  They've held hands onscreen a few times lately.

Later: Something Secret This Way Comes by Sierra Dean was the free book listed in Dear Author's deals.  It was free as a Kindle and Nook book, and as a Sony book, but not free from Kobo.  I've seen a number of times the books listed there only being free from Amazon or from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but not the others.  I checked Samhain, since that was the publisher, and it's full price there.  Well, I can now read it on my phone or one of my e-readers.
Paul Neyron rose 2

later Thursday

The garden club meeting was very good.  Members from another relatively local garden club came, and we listened to a presentation about the Philadelphia Flower Show.  There's a lot of history to it, and seeing the old photographs in the presentation fascinated me.  The lady who gave the talk was very good at explaining what was going on at the time.  This year's theme is Hawaii.  It looked like the major exhibits for it will be very cool.

I talked to S.M., P.M., and D.S.  D. asked me if I was still watching the soap operas, Alles was zaehlt and Verbotene Liebe.  I said that I'd stopped when they had the cheating storylines, and then Alles was zaehlt had killed off one of my favorite characters, and I hadn't wanted to see that.  I'll have to ask L.B. if she's heard from Dennis G. lately, what projects he's involved in now.

I said I was watching Glee now.  D.S. hadn't seen that.  I'll probably catch up with Verbotene Liebe at some point.  She was saying that a lot of American soap operas had been canceled.  "It's all reality shows and talk shows now," I said.  D.S. said she didn't like reality shows, and mostly watched PBS, National Geographic and the like.

S.M. was talking about us all getting together to go to the movies.  She wants to see "Iron Lady," which I believe is about Margaret Thatcher.  It might be fun to get a group of us to go.  S.M.'s the one I regularly socialize with, but it's pleasant getting out with a larger group, too.  The garden club ladies are all quite nice.

I'm glad I made it to the meeting.