January 19th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

later Wednesday/early Thursday

I re-read The Best Christmas Ever.  It's one of the books I like most of what I read in late 2011.  I got and read I Heart Boston Terriers, by Rick Reed.  I am not a horror fan, so I wouldn't read those books of his, but I liked Caregiver and I Heart Boston Terriers.
Paul Neyron rose 2


I made it to an appointment and ran an errand.

The flowering tea I ordered came today.  I may give a couple of the boxes away.  I'm keeping one for myself, and opened that one.  There were three flowering teas that looked alike in dried form.  There were two of Jade Fortune and one of Black Beauty, and the kinds both come in a cone shape.  I tried one, and I think it was Jade Fortune, a green tea.  I think Black Beauty makes a darker tea.

I'll post on what I read later.

I got a note back from Harlequin's customer service that the $4 off coupon was meant to be a single-use coupon, but that there was a technical error that was fixed.  Well, so much for getting more books for 49 cents or 5 cents from there.  I enjoyed that shopping.  It was a good deal.  I may try to get the other books in a series from the library.