January 5th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday -- garden club

I made it on time.  We were supposed to bring a house plant that we liked and talk about it.  We were also supposed to do a design of floating flowers in water.  I did not do the floral design.  I brought a jasmine, Jasminium humile 'Revolutum', and talked about it.  It's not currently looking too good.  Some of the leaves are dead because I'm not watering the plants as often as I should.

E.M. and I judged the floating arrangements.  Some were very pretty.  We didn't give anyone less than 90 out of 100.

P. called yesterday to ask me to pick her up after a 5:00 p.m. doctor's appointment today.  I said it would be easier to take her and then bring her back than to try to follow her directions to the medical center.  She's a lousy navigator, and even worse giving directions over the phone.  I didn't want to be driving in circles around the borough.  I'll bring something to read with me, and we'll see how it goes.

Later: P. decided she was okay with me taking her to the doctor as well as picking her up.  That was what I preferred.  I took the smaller e-reader with me, and Wicked, which I got from the library.  We got to the doctor's office around ten of five.  They took P. around five-thirty.  Meanwhile we chatted with other people in the waiting room, and I read some of Wicked and texted with S while P. was in with the doctor.

I arranged with S. to go with him to Giovanni's Room on Saturday, but had forgotten that our family holiday celebration was *this* weekend.  I tried to reschedule with S. for Sunday.  He said that was supposed to be time with his sister.  I said to bring her along.  After all, no harm in her going to a bookstore.  She's certainly well aware that S. is gay.  It's no secret.

S. said he'd talk to his sister and see what she said.

P. got done with everything around six-thirty.  She'd been fasting all day so they could do bloodwork.  I asked if she wanted to go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell.  She likes their fried chicken.  P. said she'd like to go to Boston Market.

I called the house to see if the parental units wanted me to pick anything up while I was at Boston Market.  They said they were getting pizza.  I got an order of creamed spinach at Boston Market.  P. paid for it.  If I take her driving somewhere, she likes to give me a few dollars.

I dropped P. off and went back to the house, where I had a couple of pieces of pizza and the creamed spinach.  I offered to share the spinach, but Mom and Dad had already gotten to dessert by the time I got home.

I read more of Wicked and did some editing.