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real life Wednesday

Woke unusually early again -- 10:30 a.m. -- because I went to sleep unusually early -- 2-something a.m.  I have no idea what's up with that.  I'm trying to more or less keep to it, though, so I can be more in step with all those people who are awake during the day.  I suppose it's good for me to get what little bits of sunlight there are this time of year, at least in this hemisphere.  The Internet was out.  I figured Dad had worked on the computer before I woke up.  I removed and replaced the network USB(?) thingie a few times.  That brought the Internet back up, and probably saved what's left of my sanity.

However, whatever fooling around Dad did with the computer made it so I can get RTL-Now and have it actually play the video when I click on it.  I re-watched yesterday's episode of AWZ, the Florian and Frank parts, anyway.

Mom was at the doctor, and came home to tell me she was sick.  Yeah.  I wished we'd made reservations for tomorrow at a restaurant.  Mom says that a whole turkey needs at least a couple days to thaw.

I started watching today's episode of AWZ, but had to head for physical therapy.  I only have a week left, so I'm trying to get as much out of it as I can.  I managed seven minutes on the recumbent bike and eight minutes on the treadmill, two minutes and one minute respectively more than ever previously on those machines.

I came home and watched AWZ, then moved some plants off the dining room table.  Moving four plants and various other stuff didn't make that great of a visual difference.  I took the miniature roses outside and sprayed them with fungicide, since the red one had a bit of powdery mildew.  After reshuffling plants, I watched Verbotene Liebe.  Recaps of the soaps below.  Frank is still adorable.

Dad came home.  He's been sick for a couple of weeks now.  He took a nap.  The doctor told him to take antibiotics.  He said he'd start them tomorrow.  After he woke, we discussed getting Chinese food.  Apparently I said I'd go get it, which I have absolutely no recollection of whatsoever.  "Did you ask me while I was watching Verbotene Liebe?" I inquired.

It was odd, because they're very distinct individually in how they remember things.  Dad can come up with things out of Dad-land that the people who believe in consensual reality know didn't happen.  Mom often enough says I agree to do things that I don't remember agreeing to.  Admittedly, her memory is better than mine, and she probably every so often catches me when I'm totally concentrating on other things.  Mom is also much more of a believer in consensual reality than Dad is.  If they both say something actually happened, I have to believe it did.  I clearly remember saying that I wanted Chinese food, and making several suggestions as to what we could get.  I remember putting my earbuds back in and going back to watching Verbotene Liebe.

Mom came up, and gave me a twenty.  "Why are you giving me money?" I asked.

"Towards the Chinese food."  It took a while, but we established that she thought I was going to go get it.  When I heard that Dad thought so too, I reluctantly went out into the dark and cold.  I was the only one not sick, though I'm still limping.  I backed the car down the Driveway from Hell, and nearly went off the side of the hill towards the bottom of the driveway.  I prefer to back down the driveway when I can see what I'm doing and where I'm going.  Trying to back up the driveway makes me feel sick and messes with my equilibrium something awful.  After that driveway adventure, it wasn't particularly a problem going to get the food.

I have some editing to do.  I may volunteer for a proofing job that needs a twenty-four hour turnaround.  I'll see if the editor gets another person of the two she needs.  After all, we're not cooking a whole turkey tomorrow, and it will just be the three of us.

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