December 20th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Tuesday so far

Last night: I watched a show on Bravo that was apparently commenting on other Bravo shows, but had Chris Colfer and Lea Michele from Glee and the host commenting on the reality shows.  It was rather meta.  Chris, who said he was finally old enough to drink, had a strawberry daiquiri, and I approved.  I like virgin strawberry daiquiris.  I don't want something with a fair amount of liquor in it if I might be driving, but I love strawberries.

The show had a drinking game for viewers that said for them to take a drink whenever the host said "Glee."  At the end of the show, he said he'd said it twenty-three times, and that was in half an hour.  It seems that Chris and Lea are really into watching reality shows of that nature, because they know a lot about the particular shows.  I watched the first few seasons of The Real World, but it seems like things have gone very far from there.

The host asked about a recent outfit of Kurt's, a half-sweater from the "I Kissed a Girl" episode.  The costume designers' ways on that show are mysterious to me, but Kurt's been in some outlandish outfits lately.  Well, the Lady Gaga episode had the characters wearing purposefully outlandish costumes, but this is in what passes for everyday life on Glee.  I'm sure there are people who know far more than I do who could comment in greater depth.

Although I was missing the basis for the discussions about the reality shows, I still enjoyed seeing the actors.  They were charming.

I went to sleep right after that show, and slept until eight.  I had breakfast and caught up on a little more sleep, and got up again at ten, which is still early for me.  The secondhand bookstore's holiday party was at one.  I asked E.M. if I could bring anything, and she said holiday napkins, so I stopped at the dollar store on the way there.  It was nice to see everyone, and meet a couple of new-to-me people.

Dad went to see the podiatrist today, and got me an appointment for 3:45.  I'm sure I'll report on that later.  Apparently I can get orthotics cheaply.  I guess it will be worth it.  Dad's there all the time, because he has issues, so I understand.  I don't want to know details.  My only issue is pain, which is quite different.  It's been better lately, though.

Well, it's been a day for getting out of the house. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

and the afternoon

I wasn't expecting much to happen during my visit to the podiatrist except for him looking at my feet, as in, physically looking, but considerably more happened than that.  I got X-rays, then a cortisone shot, and finally got my foot taped up and a splint to wear at night.

He talked to Dad a bit, and told him my problem was tendonitis, so Dad said.  The spot where I got the cortisone shot is still stinging.  The podiatrist, Dr. B., admired Dr. R.'s work, the plate and screws in my ankle.  Other doctors admire it.  My primary care doctor, once the cast was off, said it was a lovely scar.  I'm just glad I can walk again.

I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep with a splint on, but my sleep patterns are erratic at best anyway.  I slept with a cast on, so I guess I can do it.  The doctor wanted to see me again on Friday.

I had no idea how to get there, but Dad said he'd drive.  The doctor's office is very near a major stop on the Main Line, so it was a bit of a distance.  It's a house -- well, I suppose it was a house before it was converted into a doctor's office.

So that was my big adventure.