December 9th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday so far

In which I ventured outside to see the sweet violets.  I cut the biggest bud off the 'Duchesse de Brabant' rose yesterday, along with a couple of smaller buds.  I tried to tease the large bud open, as it looked like it had gotten a bit balled up in the rain.  Petals started drifting down, so it was less than successful.  The bud on 'Maman Cochet' looks about the same as it has.  One of the outer petals is quite red, though the rose itself is a pink one, from the pictures I've seen.  'Duchesse de Brabant' has another bud that's smaller than the one I cut.  It's supposed to get cold this week, so I'm not sure that will open.

The lemongrass has seemed to have had it sometime in the past couple of weeks.  Well, it's very tender.  A few days of cold were probably too much for it.  The pineapple sage continues to bloom.  I had no idea it would bloom for two months.  I want to bring in the rosemary that's in the gray rectangular pot with the lemon thyme.  I'm just not sure where I'd put it.

I edited for a while last night, then lay down, then got up and finished editing.  This week it was a sex demon.  I'd worked on the book previous days in the week, but had just wanted to give it the final read-through.

I found Dorothy Snarker's blog, and read the Glee entries in that.  I've read the comments on the last few episodes of Glee over on AfterEllen.  The viewers there were for the most part not happy about the way Santana's outing was handled, as in the way that Finn took over after he'd outed her to guide her through being out, among other things.  Some wondered how a straight cis-gendered white boy could really understand, and Finn didn't especially seem to get it.  Also, the episode titled "I Kissed a Girl" only had a cheek kiss between Santana and Brittany.  It was generally problematic.

How many hopes queer women had for a Brittana relationship, though.  It was interesting to see the progression from realizing it was canon to wondering how it would play out.  Then there was the disillusionment of the last few weeks.  I think it could still improve from where it is now.  A kiss on the lips would be good for starters.  There have been very good parts of the relationship development along the line, and I haven't given up hope.  We'll see what happens. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

good post

James did a very good post over at Jessewave's:

It covered the basics really well.  It was educational.  It's one of the articles I could point someone to if they have questions about the T in LGBT.  I think it's great that education is turning those folks who weren't familiar with the issues into allies.  I thought of myself in general as an ally to trans/genderqueer people, but realized over these last several weeks that I too had much to learn and ways I could improve.  It's been a painful conversation sometimes for a lot of people, but from my viewpoint there's been healing as well, and deeper understanding.