November 26th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

original and a sort-of homage

I had gotten Rocky Horror from the library the other day.  I watched that, then the Glee episode The Rocky Horror Glee Show.  Glee actually went pretty far for network TV and its time slot that episode.  Of course, the original movie went to all kinds of places.  I appreciated the touches in the Glee episode much better from seeing it right afterwards.  There's been much analysis of Kurt refusing to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter.  He doesn't give an explanation.

I understood the in-joke of having Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf Aday appear on that episode of Glee at the time I saw the episode, and remembered enough of the movie to have an idea of what the TV show was doing.  Seeing it sequentially was good. 
Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday day

I forgot to put that last night we went to [Italian restaurant].  I hadn't expected to go out again, but Mom wasn't going to have turkey two days in a row.  Tonight we'll have leftover turkey -- and there's a lot left over.

Today Mom and I did some shopping.  We went to a couple of grocery stores.  I brought my e-reader in with me for waiting on lines, but they were surprisingly not terribly busy.  I wanted to stop at the Indian grocery, but we had cold cuts in the car by then.  We dropped books and DVDs off at the library.  I still have a couple days to watch Dreamgirls.  We went to the dollar store, and I got two calendars, one with horses on it and one with butterflies on it.  I was going to get one that had flowers, but Mom wanted that one, and there was only one left.  I got a birthday card for S., and one for Dad.  S.'s birthday has passed, but I'll give him the card if I see him in the next couple of weeks.

I wrote in the times for various appointments on the horse calendar.  I usually end up getting at least one inexpensive calendar to write dates on, and one fancier one.  We'll see what I find this year.

Later: We had leftover turkey and fixings.  We still have quite a lot of turkey left.

I watched Dreamgirls, then watched the Glee episode 'Asian F' afterwards.  Mercedes and the group sing an adapted version of a song from Dreamgirls in a dream sequence of Mercedes', and it's changed well to suit the needs of the episode.  There was some commentary on how Kurt was wearing an outfit with a jacket that matched with the dresses of the girls (pink and sequined), while the other boys and Will wore gray suits like the men in the original scene wore.  When I saw the movie and then that episode in sequence, having Kurt match with the girls made sense to me.  He was singing countertenor, and his voice also matched.  I thought it fit pretty well.

I looked up countertenor in Wikipedia, and that seemed to describe at least the upper part of Kurt's vocal range.  He's known for singing songs traditionally sung by women, and can hit those high notes.  Some AE commenters complained that for much of season two he was singing songs in the higher part of his range, and not in the lower part, which I suppose is a tenor or high tenor.  I think it was along the lines of just because he can hit those notes, don't have that be all he's singing.

I don't have a big preference either way.  (Edited to correct the quote)  There's a line from an early episode of Glee, Laryngitis, where Kurt says, "If there's one thing I know it's my voice.  I have exactly the same vocal range as sixteenth century castrato Orlando De Lasso.  But you know what he didn't have?"  Mercedes' eyes widen, and roll a bit.  "A song by Ms. Whitney Houston in his back pocket."  Not what I was thinking as the answer to that question.  Wikipedia links from countertenor to castrato, and has a discussion of similar voices by unaltered male singers.  Part of my take on it was that outside of those who are purely singers (I was going to say outside the world of music -- of just music specifically), Chris Colfer is perhaps the best known countertenor.  The powers that be at Glee nodded to the similarities.  Although I take Wikipedia entries with a grain of salt, I often find them informative on pop culture.  If you can confirm it from another source, it's useful.

(Added later: I looked through Wikipedia again.  Orlande de Lassus was a composer, and noted for the beauty of his singing voice when he was young, but Kurt is apparently wrong about the castrato part, as de Lassus had two sons.  Glee characters often say inaccurate things for the comedic effect.)