November 25th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

reading devices and reading

The third volume of Don't Read in the Closet is available, so I downloaded that.  I had the original version, but now there are three volumes.  I'll have to see if the stories overlap.

Kobo had their ads up -- they're selling the Kobo Touch with ads for $99.  I guess they've got to stay competitive.  Some of the folks who have the Kindle with ads say they really like it, or at the least that it doesn't bother them.  I'd rather pay more and not have ads, but that's me.  I got my Kobo Touch in the Borders liquidation sale for $100, so I'm out of luck if it breaks, but it was a good sale.  They're also now selling refurbished Kobo Wireless e-readers for $60.  That's not bad either.

Dear Author had Black Friday e-reader sales in their weekly deals listings:

I was more interested in the tablets and laptops on sale at Best Buy, but I'm home on the desktop computer.  I was not one of those people who went to wait in line until the stores opened at midnight.  I was toying with the idea of going to Best Buy in the afternoon on Friday, but I imagine it would still be very busy and probably the deeply discounted items would be long gone twelve hours later.  I'll probably just keep to my original plan of going to Longwood Gardens if it's nice, and maybe stopping by to help at the secondhand bookstore for their Black Friday dollar a book for most books sale.  I'm sure I could help out with getting out books to restock the shelves.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Black Friday at Longwood Gardens

It was a very nice day out.  It must have been into the sixties.  S.D. came today, and I measured my cell phone and gave her the measurements.  I said a pouch sort of thing with a snap top seemed like it would be a good cover for a phone.  I probably wouldn't be able to hear it ring if it was in a pouch of quilted material, but it would be much safer from damage that way.  We didn't discuss price, but I think I was the one who said $25 for an e-reader cover, or said more than that and she talked me down.  I doubt she'd even want that much for a cell phone cover.  It will probably take some months.  Along the line, I'll give her $25.

I decided to go to Longwood Gardens, as did thousands of other people.  I'd missed the Chrysanthemum Festival entirely, apparently.  I believe today was the first day for the Christmas displays.  By the time I got there early to mid-afternoon, they were parking cars on the grass out beyond the far parking lots.  I got my exercise walking down to the Visitors' Center.  I renewed my frequent visitor's pass.  There were only a couple of people ahead of me, but whatever they were trying to do took a long time, so I switched lines.  Of course, the worker who would have waited on me went over to her co-worker and tried for some time to solve whatever it was.  Then she problem-solved for a few more employees in that section.  Once she came back to the counter, my transaction was very fast.

Once I got into the gardens, I did a turn around the formal rose garden.  There were still a few blooms on some of the roses.  I took a path down through a bit of the Hillside Garden.  The beautyberry still looked very good.  There were a couple of flowers on the fairy rose I saw.  They have a long blooming season, though I think their big bloom time is late spring/early summer.  The waterfall was turned off.  I think they've been making the pond area into a skating rink later in the season.  I walked to the herb garden.  Some of the herbs were still green.

I went up to the Main Conservatory via the lower entrance to the conservatories and the elevator, then right out to walk around to the East Conservatory, so I could get the good view when you walk right in.  It was Christmas trees with I think white hydrangea bunches as ornaments.  When I passed the area for concerts (the ballroom?) I could hear that it was caroling time.  It's four times a day.  It must have been the 2:30 or 3:00 one.

I did the Christmas route, which actually wasn't too bad.  There was something of a wait at the bonsai lane.  It must have been the first time seeing it for some visitors.  Aside from that, things moved along pretty decently.  I stopped on a bench in the rose passage.  Those roses were blooming quite well, and some of the hibiscus were blooming.

I decided to leave before dark, as I didn't want to get stuck in traffic.  The temperature was lower when I got home, and it was getting dark.  I looked outside at my garden plants.  'Maman Cochet' has a bud, which doesn't bode well for the Tea rose getting through the winter.  'Duchesse de Brabant' has several more buds.  The pineapple sage is still blooming.  The blue sweet violet was blooming.  I don't think that bodes too well for that surviving the winter, either, but we'll see.  It's in a big pot with "Odee Pink", which is a found rose, and I think is guessed to have some Noisette descent along with having Tea rose characteristics.  I wish I had a greenhouse to move those big pots into.

At least I got out and got some exercise, and enjoyed the nice weather.  I saw the Longwood Christmas display, which I'm sure I'll be back to see a few more times in December.  I got two complimentary tickets when I renewed the frequent visitor's pass.  I'll ask S. if he wants to go with me sometime, or some of the garden club ladies.  I talked to S. for a bit today, calling him to see if he wanted to go to Longwood Gardens with me, but he was in Philadelphia getting ready to head out to [county] to visit M.