November 2nd, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

kind of busy day -- Wednesday

I had a fairly early day.  I cut some winterberry branches and went to P.G.'s for lunch and to work on tomorrow's flower arrangement.  Lunch was a cheesesteak kind of meat (sans cheese) in a pita and tomatos, olives, onion pieces and feta cheese on a skewer.  After lunch, we drove over to where the garden club meets, and put together the arrangement.  I don't know if the other members will be mad about us getting a jump on them that way, or how the arrangement will hold up -- the room was warm -- but at least I participated.  S.M. was going to iron the tablecloths we were using for our decorated table.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way back, then read the comments on AfterElton's recap of last night's Glee episode.  I went to AfterEllen, and read the comments there as well.  The Glee recapper for AfterElton is borrowed from AfterEllen, so the recap is the same, with an emphasis on Brittana.  I like the recaps, but they're clearly intended for the AfterEllen crowd.  It gets a little disconcerting to see it from a lesbian perspective when it's on AfterElton.  I like the recapper, too.  She seems cool.  It's just a very different viewpoint than what I usually read.

Next episode, Kurt and Rachel are both supposed to lose their virginity.  One AfterElton reader commented that his mother texted him and said, "Honey, did you see the preview for next week's Glee?  You know, I bet everyone in the country is expecting Kurt to be the bottom, but how cool would it be if he turned into a bitchy, leather-wearing mega-top?"  The commenter followed by saying, "My mother is insane."

I commented more seriously that I would like for Kurt and Blaine to turn out to be versatile, though I didn't know if you could show that on network television.  I want for them to break stereotypes, though it's not like the show does that with Kurt.  It seems from the preview that it's Blaine's idea, so it doesn't seem beyond possibility to me that he'd be willing to bottom.  Again doubting you could show that on network TV in America, which is not like German TV that way.

Another commenter thought that One Life to Live had had the most explicit m/m love scene on American network TV.  That had lots of candles, Kyle and Oliver kissing, taking each other's shirts off, and them in bed with Oliver moving so he's on top of Kyle.  Fadeout.  Returns to them in an afterglow scene.  Not that explicit by my standards, but the first gay love scene I saw was on German TV, Alles was zaehlt, the shower scene -- well, the most infamous of Deniz and Roman's shower scenes.

 Kyle and Oliver had the first on-screen m/m love scene in an American soap opera.  German TV did it much earlier.  The Tom/Ulli scenes in Verbotene Liebe weren't the first ones, either, but they were in 2000, also celebrating the New Year.  I love the clips from the Tom/Ulli episodes.  They're much more daring than the Tom/Olli episodes, or at least what I've seen of the Tom/Olli episodes.  Tom/Olli started in a New Year's episode, and they got together in a fadeout love scene in the winter.  They were shown having afterglow, though.  Christian/Olli were shown having afterglow a number of times, not to mention kissing and taking each other's shirts off.  Somehow I doubt that Glee will go there.  We'll see next week.

Slightly later: Wow, I hit the most incredible timing, as Eskimo Kiss Project took down all of their videos today.  I was just thinking I might be ready to watch some.  Well, there's always the AWZ archives.