October 21st, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2


Not much going on today.  I took Mom to the eye doctor.  I took the Sony 350 with me, but it broke down about 15 pages into me reading one of the library books I'd gotten.  I reset it a few times with a paper clip I got from the ladies at the desk, and tried turning it on and off a few times, to little avail.  The point of me taking Mom was that so I could take her home when her pupils were still dilated and she couldn't drive.  We stopped at Boston Market on the way and got dinner.

When we got home, I plugged the Sony into the computer and deleted the library books.  That seems to have fixed it.  I read one of the books last night on the Sony 950 without a problem.  Well, one of a bundle -- a "One-Click Harlequin Blaze," where you seem to get a month's worth of that line.  There are six books altogether.

Later: I discovered Harlequin Extras the other day, while looking to see if Harlequin had free reads on their site.  They have some online.  I read The Cowboy Next Door, by Linda Warren.  It's an extra off a Superromance series.

I looked up the books that were related to the book I read, which turns out to be the third in a series.  Once a Rebel, by Debbie Rawlins, follows Once an Outlaw and Once a Gambler.  They're also available as One-Click bundles in the library e-books, and Once a Gambler is available as a Google e-book, though I think I'll try to get it from the library first.

I looked up Mary Renault's books, too.  Someone on AE had mentioned The Charioteer being a favorite book.  The library has eleven of her books, including The Charioteer.  I read that some time ago.  Most of the others are set in ancient Greece.