October 17th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday day

And it was a garden club thing.  S.M. and I got together with P.G. for the decorating a table assignment.  P.G. had a card table laid out with a tablecloth, placemat and mug.  S.M. had brought bags and bags of linens, napkins and containers.  I had had no idea what to bring.  P. gave us hazelnut coffee.  We decided on a green tablecloth of S.'s.

I suggested we go to the house and look at what I had there.  I have a little collection of ruby, cobalt, and green glass bottles and such.  We took the placemat and a napkin with us.

S. and P. didn't think the ruby glass cups I have went with the placemat.  I thought it would look kind of cool.  I brought down a few colored glass bottles, but they said that they hadn't seen a decorated table of that kind with a bottle on it.  I didn't see why not.  We went out to look at the winterberry, which is still, at this point, heavily berried.  It still has its leaves, too.  I don't know how it will be in two weeks, but for now it was good.  It's a deciduous holly.

We went to a home goods store, and got a plate.  I liked the red plate we'd seen early on, but they got one that was cream with a spray of bluish-green leaves and dark red berries.  We looked at the flowers at the grocery store, though P. and S. agreed that other places had better selections.

When we got back to P.'s place, we looked at the plate with tablecloth.  It actually looked quite good with the tablecloth.  I still didn't think it went all that well with the placemat, but I was in the minority.  We'd picked out a glazed pot to put the arrangement in that was green and brown.  We just need to put in oasis and get the flowers the day before.

I wanted to get home before the traffic got too horrible.  I think S. was taking her tablecloths back to press them.  It's this whole big elegant domestic idea.  I am not domestic.  The other ladies seem to be enjoying it, though.  Well, they've had fifty years of making things domestic.  At least I made it there and made some contributions to the ideas.

Later and notes from yesterday: I had gone into the Kindle Store yesterday and looked for free books.  A lot are public domain books, but there were some random romances.  Nine-Tenths of the Law, by L.A. Witt, was free as a Kindle book.  I have no idea why, because it's not free from the publisher or at other book distribution sites.  Anyway, I have books to read on my phone now.

I looked on eHarlequin today for free books.  I don't think I registered right, and I'm having a hard time there finding the free books.  I got free stories from ARe yesterday.  Most are short stories.  A lot of the ones listed were Changeling Encounters, and I got some direct from the source today.

I had taken hours searching for the free short stories from the Samhellion when Samhain redid their site, and many hours in futile searches afterwards.  Today I found them through Cathryn Cade's website.  Thank you, Cathryn, and I loved Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght.  It's http://samhellion.wordpress.com, with the tag "freebie short stories."  I don't know what ever happened to the promo where you could get the first half of a book.  I got a few that way.