October 12th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Tuesday's reading

I read Jet Mykles' Just for You.  It was a Gay for You book, which is nothing unusual for Jet, the Queen of Gay for You.  Kevin pretended to be gay to get the attention of his superiors at work, who were gay.  Justin, who'd fallen in love with Kevin at first sight, played along.  Kevin got to like kissing Justin, and things went from there.  Cracky though it was, it was still fun.

I re-read Indigo Knights: Squire.  I liked Rabin and Izzy.  Hell and Brent are in the book, too, and they were my favorite characters out of the Heaven Sent books.  Hell was by far my favorite of that series.  I think it was partly because they were both gay (or, in Brent's case, at least bisexual) to start with.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday so far and TV watching -- "Asian F" mention

And it's been a window-shopping day for me so far.  I looked at Best Buy online, and they had the new Sony.  I did the store locator for a store near me, and it said they had it, so I went off to take a look at it.  The PRS-T1 is cute.  It took me a bit to figure out where the power button was, and how to work things, but it's not too different as far as the touch screen goes, though some of the menu options are different.  Other menu options are called by different names than they are in the 2010 models.

Two salesmen came up to help me, one early on in my looking and one later, as I was going to leave.  They said I should take a look at the Kindles and Nooks, too.  The first, J., asked me if I had an e-reader, and I said I had last year's Sony.  I wanted something that would take e-pub format, I said.  He seemed to understand.  To both, I said that Dad might get an e-reader as a Christmas present.  It's possible.

I was glad to get a good look at the PRS-T1.  I'd been wanting to see it for myself.

A couple of hours later: I watched last Tuesday's episode of Glee.  It showed online a day after the show last season, but this season it's a week and a day.  Well, I still appreciated seeing the first half.  There were some good performances on the show.

Later: I re-read various books and parts of various books.  I re-read J.M. Snyder's For the Boys.  J.M. has a number of books on Smashwords.  I'd bookmarked her page there some time ago.  It's just figuring out what stories of hers I have and don't have.  I read parts of the Barbara Karmazin books I have.  I enjoy her books.  She passed away in 2010.  I really should get the books of hers I don't have before they go out of print.  It took some searching for me to find the book The Huntress on the computer.  I knew I'd read it, but I couldn't remember who'd published it, or the title, just about the characters and plot.  It turns out it was published by Liquid Silver.  Some of her books are on Fictionwise.

I worked on an editing job yesterday and today.  This one is the third in a series.  I'd done at least one other book in the series, the second one.  I need to read the first and second again for continuity.  I read another couple books with characters of the same species.  The books are kind of sci-fi, with humanoids, but the humanoids are not terrifically different from humans mentally.  They can shapeshift.

So I got out of the house and did some work.  I have the feeling I'll be haunting Best Buy in the next few weeks.  I chatted with C. and O. on AfterElton about reading the books we already have, which O. said he was doing.  C. and I, not so much.