October 11th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Tuesday day -- and TV: "Pot o' Gold"

I conked out at one-something last night, so quite early for me.  I woke at ten-something.  I decided to have some coffee to keep me awake.  It worked well enough, though it didn't particularly help with my restlessness.  I thought it would be good if I went to the secondhand bookstore.  There weren't many donations.  I put a dozen or so historical romances away, then filled in the shelves of them and rearranged the books on the category romance cart.  Someone had donated several Barbara Cartland books, and I toyed with recycling them, as a couple were a little spotty on the top edges, and they were showing their age.  I figured that senior citizens, who make up a large percentage of the customers, might like books by Barbara Cartland, and left them there.  I put the newer (2011) category romances we recently got up on the top shelf, though.

I stopped at a Wawa with an attached gas station and filled the tank.  I try to do that when it gets down to a quarter of a tank.  I haven't been doing much driving for distance lately, just local.  I haven't been to Delaware in the last couple of weeks.  I think the farthest I got was to Longwood Gardens.  I thought about going there today.  It was cloudy and warm, and I decided that I'd just go to the bookstore.  If it's nice tomorrow and I wake up early enough, I may go to Longwood Gardens again.

Added later: I got part of "Pot o' Gold" on tape.  At the time, I hadn't heard of the Glee Project, so I had no idea who Damien McGinty was.  It took me a long time to figure out that Rory's story was a xenophobia story.