October 9th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

It was warm out today.  I didn't feel like leaving the house -- some agoraphobia thing again -- but there were things I wanted.  Mom and I went out.  First we went to a craft shop (one of a chain) called Michael's.  Mom looked to see if they had lavender beads.  They didn't have the kind she wanted.  We went to Wal-Mart, but I had Mom drive there, because I find that parking lot terrifying.  I'm always afraid of running over a toddler or something.  Cars come zooming each way down the very busy aisles of the lot, and there are tons of people walking around in the parking lot as well.  It's a popular store around here.

I got more storage containers and bags of "snack-sized" candy.  I looked in electronics.  I don't think they had the new Kindle yet, but they have a couple of what are now called the "keyboard" ones, the Nook Touch and the Nook Color, and the Sony 300 and 600.  I looked longingly at the Sony 300, though I already have plenty of e-readers.  The 2011 is out now, and that's a 2009 model.  It's $98 there, which is not a bad price, but the 2011 is $150.  Getting one as a backup was something I could rationalize, but I still want to collect more.  I've always liked to collect things, but I'm not sure why I want the readers when it's the e-books that are what I'm reading.

I looked at CDs, and got The Essential Judas Priest.  Well, I knew that J. didn't have it, and I am into heavy metal.  It was two discs for $12, which isn't bad.  I have more to listen to in the car now.  I had brought my e-reader in (the 350 has pretty much become my "traveling" one), but the line we got in moved surprisingly fast. 

We stopped at the grocery store, as well.  I read a few pages of an e-book while we were on line there.

When we got home, I emptied out a large box of comic books into two storage containers.  I feel a sense of accomplishment.

I'd spoken for a while to J. before we went out.  He'd sent me a text last night saying that he knew I wasn't cranky with him or K., that he knew it was Mom and Dad.  He understood all about it.  I told him that I had three e-readers, and was thinking of giving the Kobo Touch to Dad.  J. really liked that idea, and said that he'd go in on it with me.  I explained that I'd gotten it at a discount at the Borders' liquidation sale.  It's a relief that I can talk to someone in the family about having gotten it.

I watched a video showing how the Sony PRS-T1 (the 2011 one) worked.  I still like how mine, the 2010 ones, work.  It looks like the PRS-T1 browses the web better than the 950 does, though it still takes a while to load the websites.  It looked like the sites showed up better.  The stylus is separate on the 2011 one, not in a "silo" in the e-reader.  It didn't look to me like the changes from the 2010 models were huge.

So it wasn't a bad trip, considering.  I got a heavy metal CD, and managed to get more comic books into storage.  I'm pleased about that.