October 5th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday day

I made it to an appointment, and got a couple of errands done.  It wasn't bad out today.  My iPod wouldn't start, but I think it was just that the battery had run down all the way.  I've got it plugged in now.

Not too much else going on at this point.  I may go to Best Buy tonight and look at electronics -- just to look.  I still want to figure out more about how Kindles and Nooks work.

I re-read Hearts Afire: April last night.  One of the stories in it was set in Philadelphia.  It was a little disconcerting for me.

Later: I looked at the e-readers at Best Buy -- and only looked.  Mostly they had Kindles and Nooks.  I got the salesboy to show me a little about how to work the Nook Color.  That's another one that I'd really like to see more about how it works, as in experimenting with it for a while.  I asked about accessories for Kobos, since they had a Kobo Wireless there, but they only had accessories for the Kindles and Nooks.  The salesboy said they should be getting the new Sony.  That's another I really want to see.

I stopped at Barnes & Noble, but only got an orange-mango-banana smoothie.  It had more banana flavor than I thought it would, but it was all right when I got used to that.  The flavorings tasted like fresh fruit.

The layout of the store has been changed around, so you have to search a bit for romance now, where before it was right at the top of the escalator.  I looked at romances, but I spent enough money there when I got The Tempering of Men and Changes the other day.

I got some stories from Torquere, one that Elisa Rolle had recommended and a couple by B.A. Tortuga.  When I'm in the mood for a comfort read, B.A. is one of the authors I like for that.

I got Half Pass by Astrid Amara and the Samhain versions of Lessons in Love, Lessons in Desire and Lessons in Discovery.  I had the Linden Bay versions, and wanted them in epub.  There are certain books I want in every possible format, and the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries are among them.

I got Rougaroux Social Club 2: Bayou's End from Loose Id.  In this one, both protagonists are gay to start with, unlike in Bayou Dreams.  I had remembered that TeddyPig had reviewed Bayou Dreams, and read his review again after I read the book.  Some of the things that he criticized didn't really bother me, and I knew going in that it was an "I'm not gay, but my inner werewolf is" book.  I agree that it would have been better with more deliberate use of humor, but it wasn't bad.  I'll post when I read Bayou's End.

I tried to watch last night's episode of Glee online, but the episode now doesn't unlock until the next Wednesday.  A pity I didn't set it to tape last night.  I guess I'll just have to wait that week.  At least I could read the AE review.  I think the reviewer is very good.

Again there's a stir from an author about a historical same-sex romance getting a bad review.  If you get the history wrong, it's wrong.  People study these things.  I was a history major.

Apparently there were a lot of other things wrong with the book as well.  Although I've kind of learned to read between the lines for certain reviewers who only say nice things about books, I appreciate reading an honest review of a book.  Then I get a much better idea for if I'd like it.  Sometimes blurbs are much better written than the books themselves, but if the blurb is awkwardly written, that's a clue.  Excerpts can also be of better parts of the book, but they can be revealing.  I go by Loose Id's warnings, too, to tell me if I might like a book from there.