October 4th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

out and about -- TV watching -- part of "Asian F"

I did a few errands, and made it to an appointment.  I got plastic storage containers at Wal-Mart, and put cookbooks in one and comic books in another.  I have a third that I started putting books in.  I want to get more to put comic books in.  I had two bags full, and still have several cardboard boxes of them.  I don't want to throw away the comic books, but I'm not currently reading them or collecting them.  I collected a lot of X-Men comics in my time.  Nightcrawler was a favorite character of mine, though I started reading right around the time when he was put into a coma for several years real time.  I collected back issues that he was in, though.

I got my own copy of The Tempering of Men, in print.  I also got a Mercedes Lackey Valdemar book, Changes.  I had thought it wasn't due out until spring, but she puts several books out a year.

Slightly later: I filled up the third storage container box with books, and was then able to put more books onto my bookshelves.  I have a number of books on the T and I of LGBTI, and I got them all on a bookshelf.  I'd given a few of the books by and about transmen to the GLBT organization at [local university].  There were at least three young transmen who attended meetings last year.

All in all it was a relatively productive day.

Later: I lost track of time, and only saw the second half of Glee.  It will be online tomorrow night, and I'll watch the whole thing then.  The half I saw had a fair amount of Kurt, and some with Kurt and Blaine.  They are cute together.

Changes has the protagonist speaking in a low-class accent, written out, even in his thoughts.  It's tough for me to read that much dialect.  I keep re-reading parts of The Tempering of Men.  I love how the men and wolves of the wolfheall work together.  Yes, there are a lot of made-up language words in the Iskryne World books, but they work.  It was much easier to remember the names by the second book.  Not that many changed, and there were a number of people from the first book in the second one.