August 21st, 2011

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and shopping

I got my little e-reader functional again, and did some e-book shopping.  I got another copy of Buildup: Mindscan from Fictionwise, so I'd have it in epub as well.  It's rather rare that I get two copies of a book.  There have been a few books I bought another copy of to give to my secret love child.  I've gotten paperbacks of books I had in e-book.  I deliberately got the epub version of Snowball in Hell when that came out.  Well, Aspen Mountain Press may have had an epub version back in the day, but that was long before I had e-readers and I'd gotten it in PDF.

I got Black Leather Rose from Loose Id.  It's one of Jules Jones' that I haven't read.  Lisabea said it needed "more cowbell," because the characters were terribly repressed and it was all very dry.  However, I wanted to read something new-to-me by Jules.  I have yet to read the Lord and Master series.  At some point I'll likely get to it.  I'll have to see which of my online buddies have read it.

(Edited to add: It's true, the characters in Black Leather Rose were pretty repressed and cautious with each other.  Some of their conversation was quite dry, too.  Knowing that, though, I enjoyed it well enough.  It was very English, as Jules' books are.) 

I got a new one by Pia Veleno called Make You Sweat.  I got that in PDF because of the cover.  P.L. Nunn seems to be doing a fair number of covers for Loose Id.  I don't believe I've read anything by Pia before, but the excerpt was decently written.  I hope the whole book lives up to that.  I got a Jet Mykles book called Tech Support.  That was from Fictionwise, so I got multiple formats.  It's been out for a while, but I didn't have it.

(Added: I re-read Buildup: Mindscan.  It's one of Jules' books that isn't dry.  It manages to be pretty hardcore, yet romantic in a way as well.  Frampton isn't a very nice character, but you can still sympathize with him.  Reeve is pretty nice, with a few exceptions of giving in to temptation.) 
Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

I was up late last night unwinding and reading.  I got out of the house today to run a couple of errands, with some thunder rumbling before and after my trips.  The rain held off while I was out, though it had just rained when I went outside.

I caught up on AfterElton.  I wrote in the e-reader forum about the Sony 350 and the Kobo Touch.  I've been pleased with the Kobo Touch.  I don't think it's quite as intuitive to use as the 2010 Sony Touch editions are, but I learned to use it pretty quickly, and it's easy to use.  I love the font size choices.  When I've used it, I've been making the font size for epubs a little smaller.  You get a lot of options of font size.  Epubs are easy to read on the Kobo.  The "quilted" style back of the e-reader is very nice, too.  I find it comfortable to hold, and the e-reader is lightweight.

The Sony 350 hasn't been any challenge to use for reading on it.  It takes a while to boot up, and yesterday when I was trying to load a few books on it and get ready to leave, I went against my better judgement and started an update for it.  That was taking a while.  When I hooked up the 950, it apparently knocked the 350 off the updating, and the 350 went off, or was stuck in some boot-up mode that made the screen blank.  I put it on the charger, took the 950 with me, and left. 

When I got home, I got the 350 working again.  I got a couple of books loaded on it, saw that I could read them, and turned off the machine.  I'll see how it works when I try to turn it on again.

Well, I got out of the house and got some things done, though the weather wasn't that great.  I have lots to read, and several machines to read them on.
Paul Neyron rose 2

more Sunday -- reading

I finished Found, the second one of the Hammer novels and the first of three about Billy and Tanny.  (*probably spoilery*)  I liked it better than Bent.  Billy took a homeless man, Montana (Tanny) off the street, cleaned him up, and after a couple of months made Tanny his sub.  Billy was kind to Tanny in the first part of the book, and at least Billy told Tanny early on that Billy liked BDSM.

Billy spent much time training Tanny to like pain -- or trying to.  From what I understand, that's how it works.  Billy kept biting Tanny, and Tanny kept saying that he didn't like it, and thinking that it was weird.  Billy believed that "Tanny's body said he liked it," no matter what Tanny said verbally.  The BDSM was all about what Billy wanted, and I thought it should have been more about what Tanny wanted.

Billy left Tanny in handcuffs for the better part of two days -- an evening, overnight, and then into the next day.  I didn't like that too much, either.  Billy gave Tanny a whole bunch of toys for Christmas, for Billy to use.  Tanny didn't even know what most of them were.

The power dynamic was a bit screwy, too, in that Tanny had been homeless, and it felt kind of like it would be hard for a formerly homeless man to refuse a man who had given him a home.  It was clear that Tanny would say he didn't like something.  It was just that Billy thought Tanny either actually liked it or would learn to like it.

I liked Tanny, and I liked Billy outside the BDSM scenes.  Since a good part of the focus of the book was on the BDSM scenes, there were frequent enough times that I wasn't liking what Billy was doing.

It's not that I can't like books with BDSM.  I've posted before about books I liked that had it, including Syd McGinley's Dr. Fell books.  It's just that I never believed that Tanny liked the pain.