August 13th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

catching up

I realized I'd gotten several days behind in those LJs I read, not that there are that many.  I think it's because LJ has been so slow for me, taking several seconds of very noticeable lag for each page to load.  Jules Jones did several posts about looting in Manchester.  I'll have to ask the parental units if that made it to the world news programs they watch this week.  It sounds like it was a very scary experience.

Added: Dad said that there had been a lot on the world news about looting that started in London and was in several other cities as well.  He mentioned Birmingham, too.  It started when the police shot someone, he said.  From what I understand, the gun laws are much stricter there.  It's not at all unusual to hear of someone being shot in a drive-by or such in Philadelphia, whether it's a gang thing or robbery or an innocent bystander.  There's quite a lot on the news when it's a child or police officer who gets shot, but any person getting shot is noted.

I'll have to look at Time or Newsweek or the U.S. News and World Report next time we go to the library, and find out more.

Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday in the suburbs

Mom had wanted to go swimming, but after lunch -- brunch for me -- it got quite cloudy and then started to rain a bit.  Not a good day for swimming, though Mom said it was supposed to be nice weather today.  Instead, we went out shopping and on other errands.

I wanted to get to the secondhand bookstore and drop off those books we had sorted out to go there.  Mom and Dad had dropped some books off at Goodwill the other day.  I told Mom I would be quick to put them away, but the category romance cart was a terrific mess, stuffed with historical romances with piles of category romances in front of them on the shelves.  There was even a play by Sartre in there.

Historical romances are now in alphabetical boxes in the back room -- A to C and so on.  I took the historicals off the category romance cart and put them away as fast as I could, along with the non-romances.  I put the category romances we'd brought in on the cart.  Those along with the ones that were in piles in front filled up the shelves.  We'd had three big kitchen trash bag sized bags of books.  Mom must have taken two and a half bags to read herself.  There certainly weren't many books to donate.

I took less than fifteen minutes doing all this.  Mom was getting impatient to do other shopping.  While we were in [borough], I stopped at the Walgreen's to get clip-on sunglasses.  They worked the first time I put them on and took them off, but broke on our next stop when I tried to put them on.  That's the second pair in a row that's broken right away.

We went to the dollar store next.  I got one package of glow sticks -- two glow sticks in a package -- and one bar of chocolate.  Mom got various household and health and beauty aid things.

I'd run out of colored ink printing up cover pages to e-books.  Our next stop was at Staples.  They had the tri-color ink in the XL size, and packaged together with the black ink.  I go through black ink pretty fast, so I got the combo package.  Dad had given me a $20 off coupon.  We had lots of ink cartridges to recycle, as well.  I'm sure we have a number more of them in the computer room.  I gave the cashier the cartridges and showed Dad's rewards card.  He'll get a rebate or coupon for the recycled cartridges.  It was a relatively inexpensive stop at Staples for me, thanks to the coupon.

Next stop was the grocery store, where Mom got various food items and distilled water, and I got salad and a bag of jasmine rice.  I got another pair of clip-on sunglasses as well, and hope to have better luck with this pair.

So it was a relatively busy day in the suburbs, though nothing particularly untypical of what I'd get in a shopping trip.

A. from Green Bay is going to try to call tonight.  He tried last night, but I was journaling about my day and had the phone on the charger in another room.  I saw at 11:30 that he'd called at 10-something.  Somewhere along the line a couple of weeks ago, he said I should tether the phone to myself.  I have it in my purse when I'm out, but usually end up leaving it on the charger or still in my purse when I'm home.  I leave my purse downstairs and I'm usually upstairs when I'm home.  I've got to get better about keeping my phone with me.

It would have been an exciting day for me, but yesterday will probably make everything pale in comparison for quite some time.  Well, at least until I see the love child again, because he always livens things up for me. 

Paul Neyron rose 2

other Saturday things

Not that much in the way of events.  I left a message for the secret love child telling him that he'd once again had a starring role in my LJ, him and his "really flamboyant wave."  Well, he's a regular enough part of my real life.

I also forwarded him an e-mail from Giovanni's Room about men's calendars, saying, "You could get a calendar!"  I hope his parents aren't staring over his shoulder when he opens the e-mail, because some of the calendars' front cover images were really not work-safe.

I read Brent Hartinger's Shadow Walkers, which is a YA book with astral projection in it.  It was pretty spooky.  Admittedly I am spooked more easily than many other people.  I knew it would be spooky, and I had tried to get in a state of being mentally prepared for that.

I told A. from Green Bay that I was in the same room with my phone for a change.  Go figure.  I'm sure we'll talk about my "secret love child gone wild" experience.

Later: In fact, A. had a "gone wild" story of his own.  He expected a night last weekend would be relatively normal, and ended up with a straight-identified boy, J.,  taking him to a gay bar, buying him drinks, and trying to hook him up with other dudes.  When they returned to the original gathering, he had various guys sprawling on him.  A. said it was a night of Ho Yay.  We decided that he'd gone to the Planet of Ho Yay that evening.

We think the next step should be A. suggesting to that "straight" boy that he's heard of some cool bars in Milwaukee, if J. really wants to experience Ho Yay.  "There might even be guys draped over each other," A. said.

"Bars with go-go boys are fun," I said.

"I think that would make J.'s head explode," A. said.  There were several delicious things about the story, including that A. had never been to that gay club himself up until that point.  A. usually has a quiet life of working, riding bicycles and talking to people at the grocery store.  That's a story that could entertain for months.  I was certainly fully entertained.  I'll be waiting to hear a road trip story.  A. apparently enjoyed the hell out of his trip to the world of Ho Yay.