August 11th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday so far

Wednesday night: I read Charlie Cochrane's The Shade on a Fine Day, and then actually went to sleep relatively early.

Thursday day: Dad knocked on my door at 11:30 to say that I'd gotten a package from Rainbow eBooks.  Well, he said, "Rainbow Books," but I knew what the name really was.  I did my morning routine and then opened the box of my new toy, the Sony 350 e-reader.  I didn't get it working right away.  Reader Library was trying to update for it, but the computer shut down to do its own updates, with no option to delay it for an hour or so.  I think that screwed things up.  For a while, I got messages that the USB drive (or whatever the computer thought it was) was malfunctioning.  I plugged it into the AC adapter I'd gotten for the 950 e-reader, reset the 350 a few times, and turned it on and off a few times.

I got the e-reader functioning enough so I could read the user guide while it was charging with the adapter.  I went to an appointment, and when I got back, the reader was mostly charged.  I reset it again, and attached it to the computer with the USB cord.  That time the computer and the Reader Library recognized it.  I downloaded some books from Samhain, and from my documents.  I synched the 350 to the Kobo desktop software, and it downloaded those books to the e-reader.  I switched out e-readers and copied some epubs and LRF files from the 950 to the desktop, then switched again and dragged them from the desktop to the 350.

It wasn't bad out today -- not too hot and humid.  On the principle that I should get out of the house more, I went to the farmers' market with the parental units.  I didn't buy anything today, though.  Mom had brought the rose geranium soap I'd gotten into my room shortly after the day I used it, saying that she didn't like the fragrance.  That was the mildest one there, at least when dry.  It did have a noticeable rose geranium scent when wet.

I let the lady from Rainbow eBooks know that the e-reader had arrived.  When I tried the 350 in the too-small cover S.D. had made for the 950, it pretty much fit.  So what was too small for the 7" screen version fit the 5" screen version.  I don't think even the 6" screen edition would have fit into that cover.  The Kobo Touch didn't fit, and that's smaller than the Sony 950.  Well, S.D. is working on a bigger cover.  We'll see what it fits this time around.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I told S. that I'd call him when I got up.  I want to get to Giovanni's Room relatively early, because I think it will be packed by 5:30.  It's not that big a store.  A couple dozen people will pack the upstairs room where they do the readings.  Of course, they might have the readings spread out over more than one room.  I still think the place will be packed.