August 3rd, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

later Tuesday/early Wednesday

I finished reading Reverb.  Somewhere along the line one of the protagonists asks the other, "How did you make me gay for you?"  No kidding, it was actually in there.  I'll have to look it up, but Nick uses the words "gay for you."  I'd say I have no idea how Jet Mykles made this work for me, but I kind of know, and somehow she did.  It was in the way Nick and Marlowe hooked up in the first place, and then kept thinking about each other.  The way it was written was enough to make me suspend disbelief.  That usually doesn't happen, and I just saw something describing Jet as "The Queen of Gay for You."  She's really got a skill there.  I remain somewhat puzzled by how okay I was about that aspect of the story, but I was able to just go with it.  I got swept up in the romance, or let myself get swept up.

I did a little shopping at Loose Id today.  I got Big Cypress Crossroads by Bren Christopher and Long Tall Drink by L.C. Chase.  I read Big Cypress Crossroads.  I was a little wary when it was described as paranormal, but it was a psychic dreams sort of thing.  I'm getting kind of tapped out when it comes to shapeshifter stories.  Not that I can't enjoy a good one, but I've read so many -- it feels like hundreds.  It probably is hundreds in the last couple of years.

The book was pretty good.  I still have a grudge about participles being used at the beginning of sentences, but at least they weren't dangling participles, and it wasn't that often.  It was kind of an OK Homo book, with most of the characters being fine with Noah and Scott being gay.  Noah lived in a small town, and Scott was a policeman, but there were maybe two characters who weren't okay with the pairing, and one was a villain anyway.  It was somewhat hard to suspend disbelief in how much the police let a civilian work with them, and totally cooperated with him when it didn't seem like they'd have a lot of reason to.  Noah kept lying and lying to Scott and the rest of the police about things, too.  Noah gradually told the truth about one incident or event after another, but it made him harder to like.  I didn't have a problem with the psychic aspects of the book, but it would have been a little better for me if the "real life" happenings had been just a bit more plausible.

Reverb was one of the books I got from Rainbow eBooks, so I especially had reason to be glad I got it, but I enjoyed it.  I'm looking forward to the next Indigo Knights book, too.  I'll probably read part of Long Tall Drink tonight.


Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday so far

And I did the shopping thing.  Clearly I am a shopaholic, because I got another e-reader.  I'd been budgeting for one anyway, not that that completely explains it.  I paid my bills, and then I went to Borders and got a Kobo Touch.  It was 20% off.  It came three-quarters charged, and I already had the software downloaded on my computer.  I hooked it up and synched it to the library, and it downloaded what I had in there.  Then I downloaded some books from Samhain and Fictionwise.  I downloaded some of the recent books I'd gotten from Rainbow eBooks, too.  I tried to download books from Google eBooks, and it downloaded one of two I'd bought.  I watched their video on downloading again.

The book I managed to download was The Moving Finger, by Agatha Christie.  I downloaded a free book I had in my library there, and that worked.  The second book I'd bought was a new one -- well, new to me.  That one is The Gay Detective Novel: Lesbian and Gay Main Characters and Themes in Mystery Fiction. I managed to download it onto the Sony.  I experimented with the Kobo again on non-DRM epub books I already had in my documents, in my e-book files, and it downloaded those okay.

Mom came home, and I offered to take her to physical therapy.  She decided to go on her own.  When she came back, the parental units discussed dinner.  Mom's stomach was bothering her again, but they ordered a cheesesteak stromboli from an Italian place.  I really don't understand them.  I asked if they could get a shrimp platter, but they didn't want to smell the shrimp.  Cheesesteak is apparently okay when Mom's stomach is off, though.

Not a lot else.  P.M. called about the garden club handbook pages.  She'd had her husband use her e-mail to send more things to add in, but the e-mail didn't go through yesterday.  I got it today, and e-mailed her back to say I'd gotten it, but P.M. doesn't know how to get her e-mail, so she called.  My phone wasn't working, so I took the battery out, blew dust off it, and put the battery back.  Then it worked.  I told P.M. that I'd do it all tonight.  She's coming over tomorrow at 2:00 to go over it all with me.

I read Long Tall Drink yesterday night.  It was a good book with a focus on rural homophobia.  It even had a "Brokeback" reference.  The protagonists were fearful of the consequences of their attraction to each other, but couldn't help the attraction.  It was pretty much well-written.  There were a few incomplete sentences in there.  They would have been fine if they'd been combined with the previous sentence or next sentence.  As it was, it was disconcerting, because I'm trained to pick up on things like that and fix them.  There weren't that many, though. 

I'm sure I'll read something else tonight, in between doing the garden club handbook pages.

Later: I read Duncan's World. Duncan and Kyle fell in love very quickly. T.A. Chase seems to have a pretty good grasp of bull riding. The book wasn't as gritty as one of B.A. Tortuga's Roughstock stories. I did the rest of the updated pages for the garden club handbook, the monthly meeting pages.