July 25th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday -- reading, working, chores

It’s been another fairly quiet day. I went shopping at Amber Quill Press and then read a lot. The Truth About Al had just come out. The book before it in the series was Wanting. I got both. Wanting was at least close to Gay for You. The Truth About Al was much less so.  Those were by M.L. Rhodes.  I'd read her book Falling, back before I started the LJ.

I got Crossing the Line, too. It was too short to get into much depth, and the characters had a considerable amount of discussion of their intentions and their feelings on being out or not before and after doing anything.  It didn't seem terrifically like something guys would do.  I read The Cop and the Drifter.  It was also by Christiane France.  (*spoilers*)  The one character, the drifter, had had a horrible, much abused life, used as a sex slave.  I considered it too much of a suspension of disbelief that he'd gotten out of two sex slave situations only to be tricked into yet another, and then that he was okay afterwards.  Crossing the Line was more plausible generally, as things go.

It was Mom's first day back at work.  She got home at 4:30.  Mom said she was tired from the driving, but she seemed basically okay aside from that.  Dad had taped most of the baseball game for her, and she watched that.  Mom talked about going to Wendy's, but I think she was put off by the rain as well.  She and Dad had leftovers, and I heated up some ravioli.

I finally read all of Regularly Scheduled Life, after reading about fifty pages into it a couple of years ago.  (*spoilery*)  Sean, one of the protagonists, becomes very, very famous, appearing on many talk shows.  Some of those talk shows are over now, so it didn't feel as immediate as it would have felt in 2008.  The protagonists had so many problems with each other.  They really didn't communicate that well, considering that they'd had a six-year relationship when the book started.  It was a well-written book.  I got frustrated at Sean and Kyle for not solving things more quickly, for letting them drag out.  I suppose it would have been a much shorter book if they had worked through everything more quickly.

I worked on a couple of line editing jobs during the day.  I also got all my laundry done.  I did some paperwork, including for my car registration.  It was a pretty quiet day, but I accomplished a fair amount.  I had thought about going to Borders to see what was left in the store, but it was raining hard on and off from late afternoon until well into the evening.  I might have gone after rush hour if it hadn't been raining hard then.  I turned the computer off twice because I could hear thunder in the distance.  Well, we needed the rain.  I've still got to talk to S. about coming over to water the plants.