July 23rd, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday -- translation day

I did some work trying to get the living room cleaned up, as D.S. was coming over.  I got some bags out of there, and took the sheets and pillows off the couch and put them upstairs.

D.S. and I talked for a while and had lemonade, then I showed her Trekboy's video, and showed her the transcript he'd made.  A bit of his Austrian slang was lost on her, but she said she didn't understand her seventeen-year-old granddaughter, either.  I said I knew about the TV shows and about conventions, and she got what he said when he spoke in more standard German.  D. didn't really find him to speak with an accent.  It was just his slang that threw her.

I showed her pictures of Carinthia, the state R. lives in, on Wikipedia.  There's a castle and a big lake near where R. lives, and he says it's beautiful in the summer, though it's dead in winter.  Kind of like here that way, I guess.  D. said I should tell R. about the sights of southeastern Pennsylvania, the history here, and about the Amish.  I'm not sure I talked to R. about the Amish and Mennonites in the region.

Not much else going on for me today.  It was nice to have D. over.  Mom wants to go to the grocery store, liquor store and dollar store tonight.  She and Dad had already been to two grocery stores today.  I'm sure I'll report on our trip later, should we take it.