July 22nd, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

heat wave Friday

It's supposed to go up to 102 or higher today here.  I want to stay inside, but Borders is having a liquidation sale, and it's tempting to go.  I got two fans for my room, and that's helping.  I slept down on the couch last night.  The downstairs of the house is perhaps 10 degrees cooler than it is upstairs.  I finished reading Lessons in Temptation around 1:00 a.m., and then conked out.

I heard a fair amount of moving around and door slamming in the morning, but managed to stay half-asleep during that and go back into deeper sleep.  Then Dad said that it was almost 11:30 and the cleaning lady was coming today.  I got up around noon, and did my usual "morning" things.  S.D. usually comes around 1:00, so I figured I'd be out of her way if I was done by 12:30.  I have a nasty headache -- probably from getting some kind of neck crick from the couch -- but at least I slept.  I told the parental units that they didn't have to slam the doors, that they could close them gently.  I doubt that will have any effect on how Dad acts.

I'll post on whether I go to Borders or not.

Later: I went to the Borders north of Wilmington, Delaware.  E-readers were 10% off.  I expected the prices would be lower.  Romances were 30% off, but I really didn't need any new romances.  The parking lot was full, but the store was big enough that it wasn't packed in there.  It was rather busy.  I felt a little depressed about the store closing.  I left without getting anything this time.  I may go back on Monday to see what's left and to see how much more the prices have fallen.

I went to Best Buy to check on the prices of e-readers there.  The Sony 350 was $129 there.  The one in the Borders was still $109.  They had the Kobo Wireless at Best Buy, for $99.  I was reassured that there would still be Kobos around, because as far as I know Best Buy isn't going anywhere.  Again, I didn't buy anything at the time.

I stopped at the Trader Joe's in the area.  I wanted to see if they had the bergamot-coriander room spray, because the sprays Mom likes make me cough.  They didn't have that.  I picked up a strawberry lemonade.  I was tempted to ask Mom if she wanted a quiche or something from there, but I considered whether I wanted to have something that needed refrigerating in the car for a long time.  The strawberry lemonade was a "refrigerate after opening" sort of thing.

Well, I have editing to do, and I'll do some reading.  Dad has commandeered the coolest room in the house, the family room, which is right on the slab, to watch random movies.  Mom is downstairs in the living room playing solitaire on the computer.  I may go down and see if I can concentrate enough to read while she's clicking on the cards.  I turned on my fans, and it's not terrible in my room with them on.

Later still: There was no way I could read downstairs with the sounds from the TV and Mom's clicking.  I decided to work on a big editing project and see how far I got.  I was uninterrupted except for a brief pause to eat a hoagie (sub) for dinner.  I got the job done.  I had said I'd turn it in Monday night, so I actually got it in early.

Paul Neyron rose 2


I picked up on this one from reading The Naughty Bits.  Jessewave had a post about relabeling Gay for You books as "Out for You" instead.  I don't think that's the point of those stories.  The point is one of the heroes (or both) being previously heterosexual, falling for that one special guy, and changing orientations.  I don't think it works that way.  S. doesn't think it works that way.  Perhaps I mostly talk to gay guys who have come out early, but they knew on some level.  Some of the people who have posted about this have said that the notion of choice in it all made them uneasy.  I think someone chooses to have sex or not, but I don't think they choose their basic orientations.  And, sure, people experiment, and it's my belief that a fair number of women can go either way.  I also happen to believe that more men are straight, or pretty much so, or gay or pretty much so, than are completely bisexual.  It's how much you're able to make an emotional connection with someone, too, if you're talking about settling down.

A variation on that kind of book can work for me if the guy has some notion of being bisexual, some previous attraction to men that he might not have acted on.  His decision to settle down with a man might be relatively quick after he comes out, but I'll suspend disbelief that far.  In what I'm talking about, the character really does come out.  There's more reflection on the issues, and how it might actually make someone feel.  The more typical Gay for You is more common than that, but I read a lot of books by authors who write the characters as being gay to start with.  That feels more realistic to me.