July 6th, 2011

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thoughts on reading and writing

Well, I've just heard from someone who was crushed to find out that Josh's name is a pseudonym.  I said that it wasn't a secret that it was a pen name.  I could understand why he felt that way, though, when he'd thought that Josh was his real name.  There's a decades-long tradition of straight romance authors using pen names, so it's not new.  I know of several men who have felt absolutely betrayed to learn that the m/m romance authors they were fans of were really women.

I know some real names, or at least real first names, but I don't use them in public.  I just use the pen names.  Even with my family, I just say Jordan, and they know who that is.  Not that I haven't said her real first name occasionally to my immediate family, but I don't think they even remember it because I use "Jordan" at least 95% of the time.

I think it's kind of cool to know the names I do, and to know alternate pen names for the same writer in a few cases, because there are a lot of them out there, too.  I'm curious about others, but just in a wanting to feel like I know a bit more about the person way.  It doesn't particularly matter in the long run, though, I figure.  TeddyPig has had several posts on judging the writing, not the writer.  In a few cases, I've seen a writer being a complete troll on the Internet, and won't get their books.  It's only a few I'm aware of, though.  I'm sure there are many more.  One troll revealed TeddyPig's name somewhere, and TeddyPig said it wasn't that much of a secret.  I think he said what it was on his blog, so it's definitely no secret anymore.  So much for leverage on a troll's part.

Personally, I feel flattered when people trust me with their names, because they figure I won't use them.  I use initials for real life people on here, or the pen names of online people.  Some of the real life people probably wouldn't care, but I care.
Paul Neyron rose 2

more thoughts on reading and writing

Jules Jones had an entry on fan fiction -- not her first, by far.  She's written fan fiction and professionally published fiction (fanfic and profic, she calls them).  I read original m/m romances long before I read any fan fiction.  There are a few fan fiction pieces I really like, that are excellent renditions of the characters and are written by very skilled writers.  I admit to reading profic more readily than I admit to reading fanfic, though.

She knows a lot of writers by the names they use writing fan fiction and the names they use writing original fiction.  This is the point where I am in complete confusion, as I am not familiar with the writers in most fandoms.  I just look for the pairings I like, and see how well they're written.

It's interesting hearing from someone who looks at fan fiction and original fiction as being of equal value, or so I take it.  That doesn't seem to be all that common.  Her journal is one I read pretty regularly.  You never know what observations you'll get.

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Wednesday so far

I didn't sleep Tuesday night, but that was partially because I was up reading.  I earned an Amber Reward from Amber Quill Press.  For each ten books you get, you get one free.  I was getting a lot when I was collecting J.M. Snyder's Positions of Love stories.  For my reward, I got T.A. Chase's Soothe the Burn, which was pretty good.  It was a futuristic one with characters having powers from scientific experiments.  I enjoy a decent science fiction romance sometimes.

I did a bit of shopping on Fictionwise, and got The Lost Temple of Karttikeya and Bravo! Brava!  The thing about Bravo! Brava! is that one of the stories I read in Encore! Encore! is a sequel to one of the stories in Bravo! Brava!  At least one of the stories is a sequel.  At Fictionwise, I could get it in multiformat.  One format choice is especially for Sony.  It says .LRF as the format, but I think it turns out to be BBeB, which is a very readable format.

Otherwise, not much news.  I tried to get ahold of R.A. to sign papers to get myself off the lease.  She said she was spending the next few days with M.  She'd likely be moving in with him soon, she said.  I called her social worker, C.W., and asked C. about it, not trusting it from R.  "Yes, that's what she's saying," C. told me.  She didn't think it was going to happen.  I think it would be a trainwreck, but it's not my problem.  As long as I get my name off the lease before anything like that happens.  R. is only semi-competent, anyway, and R.M. will have the say in where she lives.

My brother got a dog, a puggle.  That's a mix between pug and beagle.  It's three years old, and J. says he's very cute.  His name is Morris.  J. said he'd try and get pictures, but that Morris is black, so he wouldn't photograph well.  At least J. waited until after he graduated to get a dog.  I know he's been wanting one for a while.  I'm looking forward to meeting Morris.

Later: I did some editing on the "lust slave" novella and on a couple of articles Michael sent.  Dad hooked up my printer and I tried printing out the articles, but am running low on ink.  Looks like a trip to Staples is in my near future.  I'm just waiting until after rush hour to go to the big shopping area in the vicinity.

A couple of hours after that: I left for Staples around seven.  I got my ink, and asked if they had e-readers.  The young woman working the register showed me where they had Kindles.  The screen was broken on the regular size one, so all you could see were lines and streaks.  Not a good demo model.  I'd really like to learn how to work a Kindle, though.

Then I headed off to Barnes & Noble, curious to look at Nooks.  Consumer Reports rates them very highly, and I wanted to see for myself.  A woman with short hair -- crewcut length -- was manning the Nook booth.  A couple were buying one.  I told the salesperson that I was just looking.  When the couple had finished their purchase, she showed me how the original one worked.  You don't touch the screen, but you touch the buttons on a mini-screen below.  It was not exactly intuitive, at least not for me.  I tried the new touch screen one, which was somewhat easier to use, but still a bit puzzling.  I never got to the Nook Color because a couple more people who were actually buying things or had bought things had come up to that side of the booth's counter.

One of the books loaded onto the Nooks I looked at was Janet Evanovich's latest Stephanie Plum novel, # 17.  I couldn't remember if I had 16.  (Apparently I just have up to 15, or at least only have up to 15 on that place on my bookshelves.)  I went off and looked for the print form of 17, but didn't find it.  Suzanne Brockmann has a new Troubleshooters novel out, but I couldn't remember if I had the previous one of those.  I'll have to look it all up.  I actually walked out of a Barnes & Noble without buying anything, which may not be the first time, but is certainly very rare.  I'm sure once I figure out which books I have in those series, I'll be back.

Now I want to go to a Borders and look at the Kobos.  There's a Borders in Delaware, not far from the state line.  There are some in the Philadelphia area, though three or four closed in their bankruptcy.  I still think the one in Delaware is as easy to get to as any, though.

After my little trip to Barnes & Noble, I went to the Chinese buffet place and had a late dinner.  I contemplated going to Wal-Mart to see if they had a functional demo model of a Kindle, but wasn't sure I'd get much assistance there, especially if I was just looking.  Perhaps I'll go tomorrow during the day.  Or I could go to Best Buy.  There's one in Delaware, and there's one in relatively easy driving distance from my suburban location.  I'm sure I'll do a post of what I get up to shopping-wise tomorrow.

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more thoughts, again

So I'm contemplating why some e-book authors who are extremely popular under one name use other names.  The author known as Willa Okati has more than one pen name.  I can understand using a different one when she writes m/m/f menage, since she's so well-known for m/m.  I didn't know J.L. Langley had written as Jeigh Lynn until she said it herself on a blog interview.  The Jeigh Lynn books are m/f, then a m/m/f menage.  That Moon series is set in the same world as the "With or Without" series.  I just happen to know of some multiple pen names for some authors.

It's not a secret that Sean Michael is writing m/f and m/m/f as S. Michael.  I can see this one, too.  There are others, though, who are writing the same kind of romance under a couple of names, and that I don't really get.

Maybe more later...