July 1st, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday -- all moved

Well, Mom and Dad went in the morning to get the pickup truck we were renting.  Mom came home.  Dad made a little detour to buy a couple of pieces of plywood to be a path/porch to the shed.  I don't know.  The groundhogs chewed through a lot of what he had there, and since they're living under the shed, I don't know how it's going to be better.  Anyway, Dad got home around eleven.  I'd been ready since 9:30.

S. had called the house number before seven, to say that he was going to the beach.  Dad answered the phone.  Mom hadn't gone to sleep until four a.m.  She slept through the phone call.  Of course I did as well.  I don't think I even have a phone in my room anymore.  I think Mom is using what was my phone.  Well, there's still a jack there, and phones are cheap.

I hope S. had a nice day at the beach.  He deserves to have a nice time.  It's been a busy summer for him already.

What we rented, since they were out of cargo vans, was a pickup truck with four seats in the cab.  I sat in the back seat on the way up.  Dad took Route 76, the Schuylkill Expressway, there.  I always take the back roads.  We got there, and Mom and I started packing up my various soaps and lotions and so on, and my clothes.  I had a lot of winter clothes still there.  I had a lot of my own cleaning products, too.  R. and I -- actually, I -- used her cleaning products when we -- I -- cleaned.

My books didn't even take up a lot of space.  The clothes and household items took up a lot of space.  The computer chair went sideways on top of everything.  We stuffed the bed of the pickup truck full, then the back seats in the cab.  I ended up riding in the front seats between Mom and Dad.  The seatbelt for that seat must have been under the seats.  We were worried about stuff flying out the back of the pickup truck, too.  Rather than take 76, we took the winding and bumpy back roads.  We figured if stuff bounced out, we'd have a better chance to go back and get it on the back roads than the expressway.

Dad drove pretty well, and we got home with nothing lost off the truck.  We hauled all the stuff into the living room, where Mom had hoped it wouldn't end up.  One of my boxes of lotions and such went spinning off the handtruck as Dad tried to haul it up onto the porch, but there were no other casualties.  I think there was only a perfume bottle or two that was glass in those boxes, anyway.  We'll find out soon if that broke.  The rest in that box was in plastic.

So I'm all moved back.  I didn't want to move back to the house, but I feel good not having the responsibility of R. anymore.  I had e-mailed R.M. to tell him that I was moving, and why.  He said I had to do what was best for my health.  He knows what R.A. is like.  I'm sure I'll post a lot about how it goes now that I'm officially back at the house for now.

We had gotten most of the boxes from the liquor store, and while he was loading the truck, Dad was putting the boxes in the cab so people didn't take them thinking there were bottles of liquor in there.  He said that on the way home.  I said, "Yeah, they'd think it was liquor, and find gay romance."  Mom cracked up.

"Oh, was that your collection?" Dad asked.  It was the majority of it, anyway.  I thought it was kind of funny, too.  Your average liquor thief would be very disappointed in what I put in boxes that formerly held liquor.

We ate "lunch" when we got back to the house at four, and returned the truck a little after five.  I went out for hoagies around seven.  The baseball game that was on this afternoon is repeating, so Mom and Dad are watching that.

So most of my joints ache: shoulders, knees, right hip and right ankle especially.  I doubt that Dad will even be able to move very well tomorrow, as he did all of the heavy lifting.  I don't think I lifted anything that weighed more than forty pounds, though I had a lot of bags and boxes that were forty pounds or less.

I'll keep reporting on what makes its way from the living room to upstairs in the next couple of days.  I don't think much will come up tonight.