June 26th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

It's been quiet, which is good in its own way.  R.A. did her sheets, and went out shopping for paper products, all with help from J.  I didn't have to supervise any of it.  It's very relaxing to have given up on getting her to do things.  M. has been threatening to tell R.'s cousin if R. isn't doing her chores, which seems to be a pretty effective threat at this point.  R. even took out the trash.

I wasn't feeling great, which is one reason I wasn't particularly up to going shopping.  I feel much better now that I've had a cup of tea.  It had been a while since I had the flowering tea.  This was "Jasmine Lovers'," one of my favorites.  Tea is supposed to be relatively good for you.  This was white tea, so had little caffeine.

The free story from MLR this week is Laura Baumbach's Shadows in Time, out of the anthology The Mysterious.  As I noted on AfterElton, I'd read Josh's The Dark Farewell, and loved it.  The third story in the anthology is Alex Beecroft's The Wages of Sin, which is in my to-be-read files.  The Mysterious was at Giovanni's Room last time I was there.  I sent the picture of it on the shelves to Alex.  She said she hadn't heard much about how it was doing.  With such high quality writing in there, I'd think it would have done very well.  I enjoyed Shadows in Time.  It seemed to have a more literary flavor than some of Laura's work.

I've gotten most of the "free story of the week" books from MLR when I've seen them.  Some had more appeal than others to me, but free is a good way to try something.  I probably would have gotten Laura's story anyway at some point.  I'm not sure whether I got The Mysterious in print when I saw it there at Giovanni's Room, or if I just took a picture of it.  I know I got The Dark Farewell right around the time it was published.

I'm heading to the suburbs around six or seven.  I have no idea if I'll make it to the emergency garden club meeting tomorrow or not, but it seems I should make at least some effort.  After all, I really like some of the ladies, and I enjoy a lot of the programs.

A little later: I left for the suburbs at six.  I called around 6:30 or 6:45 to see if Mom had any plans for dinner.  When I heard she hadn't, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant that's along the way and put in an order.  I got to the house a little after seven, and we had our Chinese food.  I started reading Pricks and Pragmatism while I was waiting for the food.  So far it's pretty good.  Later still: I finished Pricks and Pragmatism.  You got a good amount of information from Luke's warped viewpoint, but you could understand why it was warped.  I thought it was skillfully written.

Paul Neyron rose 2

and various commentary on AE

I've put recommendations for several books and authors up on the m/m romance thread on AfterElton.  MLR's free book of the week is Laura Baumbach's "Shadows in Time," out of the anthology The Mysterious.  I already had the other two stories in it.  I loved Josh's "The Dark Farewell," and I have Alex's "The Wages of Sin" in my to-be-read files.  I was excited to have all of the stories.  Laura's was pretty good.  I don't think she's written anything for ages because she's so involved in the publishing side of things.  She's got a number of works in progress, like Genetic Snare, which have been in progress for years.  If Genetic Snare actually has been published, let me know, because I missed it.

James noted that the sequel to Hard Fall will be out at some point.  It's going to be called the "Deputy Joe" series, which is how I referred to the narrator.  I enjoyed Hard Fall.  Joe liked things earthy, but I've read enough books by Sean Michael that that didn't even make me flinch.  I think I'm jaded.  It was interesting that it was considered for a leather award(?), when (*spoilery*?) the BDSM in the book was so impromptu and Joe considered the whole Dom aspect as just being part of his personality.   

In real life, Uly said he'd gotten to the Gay Pride Parade in New York, but that he and his husband missed their brunch reservations and he broke his Droid.  A Droid is something that TeddyPig talks about every so often, and doesn't seem in favor of.  I think he said it was underpowered and had all kinds of malware.  I'll have to look it up on The Naughty Bits.  It's not a video game or an e-reader, so I'm assuming it's a tablet.

I said that I wanted to get to New York to meet FieldMedic in person.  He's also know as A. in last year's entries.  I suppose that will be A. from NYC now that I talk about A. from Green Bay all the time.  Anyway, FieldMedic is the big Chrolli fan.  I owe him an e-mail or two.  Then I talked about the Gays of Our Lives event, and figured it would be simpler to just give Uly the link to Lisabea's post with the excerpts from here and inimitable commentary.  I put the pictures from that here in my pictures, but they're tiny, so people tell me.  I think that post has just about the only pictures of me out in cyberpublic, but Uly puts a variety of his pictures up on his profile, so I didn't think it would be notable to him.

I called Tuesday to ask Aunt P.S. if she and Uncle D. would be able to have me stay in [north-central New Jersey town] over the weekend, but they were going to Europe, to visit R. and N. and baby J. in London, then going to France.  I said I hoped they had a good trip.  Aunt P. hasn't gotten too much chance to be a doting grandmother, with R. and N. in London.  Aunt P. said that N.'s mother had passed away, and that she thought that R. and all would be back in the States sooner or later.  After all, they still have their place in Brooklyn in addition to the flat in London.  I really would like to see London sometime.  As it is, I'm broke, so I don't think that will be happening any time soon.

I'm only traveling between Philadelphia and the suburbs in real life, but online I'm traveling the world talking to my pen pals.  I will make it to New York at some point.  I want to bring S. with me, now that he's twenty-one.  I promised him I'd take him to the Stonewall Inn for his birthday, and now it's several months later.  He seems to be busy between his home near [Main Line town], his volunteer work in [borough], and visiting [nearby county] to see his boyfriend.  I don't think he's as busy as he will be next school year, though, with being president of the GLBT organization, schoolwork, his university job, and his various other activities.  We'll get together again this summer, I'm sure, even if we don't coordinate a trip to New York.

I put on my AE feedback that my evil plan was to have people lose hours or days reading TV Tropes.  Hey, it's a goal, and it's so easy for that site to become a gigantic but fun time-suck.  I think when I first found it, I was constantly online in it for three or four days.  It's got book descriptions, too, though I don't know if I knew that until later.