June 16th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday so far

Didn't sleep Wednesday night.  I got my adapter and will be heading back to Philadelphia any minute now.

Four hours later: I found out that the water will be turned off in the apartment building all day tomorrow.  I'm heading back to the suburbs any minute now.

C. and a brand-new social worker were there.  C. had a talk with M. and R. about their yelling and screaming fights.  I went to my room and put the air conditioner on, so I didn't hear much of it.  I'm sure she talked to them about better ways to communicate.  Perhaps some of it will take.  C. also wrote up a chore schedule for R.

I experimented with buying a book from the KOBO store, because then you're entered to win a KOBO Touch.  Why not, I thought.  All the books I saw seem to have Adobe DRM on the format, which was annoying.  I got a copy of Snowball in Hell.  Yes, I have it as a PDF and in paperback.  I figured that for my first experiment in KOBO buying, I would get it in e-pub.

I hooked up the e-reader, and got the book.  It went directly to the library.  I synched the e-reader, and got the novella onto that.  I can only have the KOBO DRM version on six devices.  I'll probably get a couple more books from KOBO while the contest is running, but knowing I can't get anything from there that doesn't have some kind of DRM will likely discourage me from getting any more after the contest is over.

I don't know if KOBO can delete books readers have leased from a long distance like the Kindle can.  Well, as I said, I have other copies of that particular book.  There's nothing they can do about the paperback.

I got two loads of laundry done, and put Norton Antivirus back on my computer.  It had expired the day before I left for the suburbs, so I turned it off the morning I left.  The computer seems to be good now.

Back in the suburbs: I'm line editing the third book in a series.  I think I line edited the second.  I read the first two in the series tonight so they'd be fresh in my mind when I gave the third book another readover.  It's kind of a neat menage series by Faith Talbot.