May 28th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday so far

I didn't sleep at all Friday night, so I slept well into Saturday afternoon.  R.A. and I went down to rescue her laundry.  M. is here, and is going to fix chicken stroganoff for dinner.  I'll probably make the rice to go with it.  I made myself a fruit salad with bananas, watermelon, an orange, strawberries, and a nectarine.  M. said it looked good.  I told him we had plenty of fruit if he wanted some.

I had stayed up for a while to very belatedly read Fair Game.  Josh had sent it to me right around the time it was published, as a "get well" gift, something to read while I was immobilized.  I really didn't read anything except for work-related reading and online articles for months and months after I broke my ankle.  I watched a lot of soap opera clips.  My concentration to sit and read for pleasure was not there.  Now it's come back well enough, and I'm happy about that.  One of the protagonists in Fair Game, Elliot, has had a knee replacement, and maybe I would have appreciated it more reading it when my ankle was in the cast.  Maybe not.  Anyway, it's quite a good book, and Josh threw out some convincing red herrings for the readers.  Well, they convinced me.

I'm sure I'll write more about the day later.

Later: The debate about Jake Riordan is raging over three AfterElton book threads at this point.  Several of the AfterElton readers are hating how self-loathing Jake is, and they've only read one or two of the books in the series.  He's such a polarizing character.  I re-read The Dark Tide.  Jake goes a ways towards redeeming himself in that one in my opinion, though some think he could never really be redeemed.  (Kris, I'm looking at you!  No, Teddypig never forgave him either).

I made jasmine rice, and we had a nice meal.  R. and M. yelled back and forth some, but it was a relatively relaxed day, considering.  M. didn't call anyone a faggot today, though he did comment about how the baseball players were patting each other on the butt.  I'm not sure what his obsession is.  Why do straight guys obsess about that?  He just says something when it's the opposing team.  (Added: For new readers, I've been firmly telling M. not to say that.)

I wore my "Eskimo Kiss: We Do Believe in Fairies" T-shirt today.  R. asked about it, and I said that it was about a show in which a couple of characters gave each other Eskimo kisses.  I didn't really get into it.  They asked, "So you sent away for the shirt?"

"Yes," I said.

I don't know if I'll sleep tonight, but I'm going to the house to see the roses blooming tomorrow.  Mom says that they're pretty.  I'll save my editing onto a USB drive and bring it with me, but I doubt I'll really work on it tomorrow.  I may read more of Josh Lanyon's books.  I have yet to read The Dickens With Love.  I started it, but wasn't really into all the Dickens stuff.  The whole thing in I Spy Something Bloody with the spy thinking all the time about Dickens novels didn't particularly do it for me.  Plus, Mark was a jerk.

Well, we'll see how it all goes.