May 16th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

and back at the apartment

R.A. had called to say that she was visiting a friend in the building, D.  She was still there when I got back to the apartment.  I unpacked my things and then nursed my mess of an arm.  I hadn't been on the computer all day, so I had to check and see if I had any fascinating messages.  The most exciting thing was Jordan's newsletter.  Josh posted his revised schedule for the year, which seems to be somewhat more sane.

R. called around 10:15 or 10:30, and I told her I was back.  She came back pretty soon after that.  She and D. had been watching movies.  R. has a bunch of DVDs.  I said it was nice that she was getting out and visiting with her friends.  I told her I'd been lost driving around Philadelphia and the northern(?) suburbs for an hour.  "Were you scared?" she asked.

"I wasn't happy."  This is why I prefer to go somewhere with a reliable navigator.  Anyway, I was glad to make it back to the apartment.  "Did you talk to R.(M.) about moving in with him?"  I was very curious about that.

"I don't think that's going to happen," R. said.  "I just said that because I was unhappy."  I don't know why she was so unhappy right then.  I was the one cleaning out the poison ivy remedy section of the drugstore.

We established that she had talked to R.M. Saturday.  "Well, do what's best for you," I said.  "Whatever you and C. (her social worker) and R.(M.) decide is best.  I'd miss you, though."  Well, I kind of would, as difficult as she is sometimes.  She's not at all mean, and sometimes she tries to cooperate.

"I'd miss you, too," R. said, which was nice of her to say.  My guess is that she's not moving in with R.M. and his wife.  If she does, I'll manage somehow.  If I need to go back to the suburbs temporarily, that's what I'll do.  We've gotten through three months together so far.  Once my schedule of driving back and forth from the suburbs to the apartment eases up, I'll be here a lot.  We'll see what happens, but I'll deal with living with her or deal with moving, either way.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday so far

I didn't sleep at night, but I took a couple of Benedryl (diphenhydramine) in the morning, and slept much of the day.  I woke feeling distinctly unambitious.  I decided I'd better do some laundry, and I fixed coffee for R. at her request.  We may go grocery shopping after dinner if I get a lot more ambitious.  R. is out of milk, which means she'll use cream, the one I got, for her cereal if we don't get milk tonight.  She's also out of TV dinners, so I gave her one of mine.  Not that she has any money to shop with, either.

I've been reading various things on AfterElton about a few professional athletes making pro-gay statements, which is thrilling the writers at AE.  It's certainly a welcome change.  AE has had some articles lately about gay athletes, and articles wondering when an active player in the 'Big Four" U.S. sports might come out.  There have been a few players who came out after their playing careers.  David Kopay and someone in more recent years played football.  A major league baseball player and an umpire both came out after retiring.  AE has a gay former basketball player write articles for them sometimes.  I don't think anyone from the NHL has come out after his playing career.  I'm sure I would have heard about that.  Mostly, American hockey fan crowds just say anti-gay slurs about Europeans, and of course, the players on opposing teams.

I expect more professional team sports players will come out after they retire, and that sooner or later a retired hockey player will come out.  After all, they presumably wouldn't get half the negative reaction in Europe or even Canada that they would here in the U.S.  I'm sure it will be all over AE if any pro sports figures who play in America come out.  There's an interesting article about the president of a basketball team coming out lately.  I'll post about it if I see anything about athletes themselves.  It's just something that caught my interest, with the way I used to follow baseball and how my family still does, and how I followed hockey for a few years.