May 7th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

Saturday so far

I woke before M. came over, and took my shower.  Last night, I'd written out a lengthy note for him for when he got there.  One of the items was: "No yelling while I'm sleeping.  Show some consideration."  I've been very aggressive today about telling Michael not to yell.  Not yelling myself, but being very firm.  So far it's worked relatively well.

R. and I rescued the last of the laundry, which was still in the dryer from last night.  I called the parental units and talked to Mom.  She said that Dad had worked in the yard in the morning, and that she hoped he was taking a shower.  Mom said that Dad had told her he was very tired, so not to count on him to plant any roses today.  I decided to stay here at the apartment until after dinner, then head for the house so I'd be there for Mother's Day.

I had breakfast, and made tea.  The breakfast blend tea was pretty good.  I had sweet tea as my cold drink.  M. asked me to make coffee for R. if she said she was tired.  A few hours later, R. told M. she was tired.  I made the coffee myself rather than have M. make a big mess of it.  I cleaned the coffeemaker and pot afterwards, because that was also easier than having it done wrong and having to do it again myself later.

So far that's a mug of black tea, a glass of sweet tea, and a mug of coffee for me.  I'll probably start shaking from the caffeine sooner or later.

I watched the "Sexy" episode of Glee last night.  I'm watching the show completely out of order, but I've watched several relatively recent episodes now.  I've heard that there's not much consistency from show to show anyway, so I don't know if I'm missing much anyway.  It's been very interesting to see things develop between Blaine and Kurt, and between Santana and Brittany.  I'm not aware of many lesbian or bisexual women characters on network TV, so it must be exciting for the members of AfterEllen.

(Added later: I looked at the comments on AfterEllen for the latest Glee review.  The reviewer had had a very bad experience with a crazy cab driver ranting and raving and delusional and not getting her back to her hotel for hours, and missed the show entirely.  She watched it online at 3 a.m. and managed a short recap before Tuesday morning.  Though a couple of AfterElton readers made stupid complaining comments about not caring what happened to her, there were several others who were supportive and sympathetic.

Only one or two AfterEllen commenters said anything about it.  I would have thought those readers would have focused at least equally on that experience as they did on the show, but not at all.  I was very surprised.  What ever happened to the Take Back the Night contingent?    I'm really having a hard time processing that.  I was not surprised that the AfterEllen viewers are very invested in Santana and Brittany's relationship.)

Since I decided to wait until after dinner to leave, I've mostly been on Goodreads, marking books I've read or just acquired lately, the latter as "to-read."  I goofed up a couple, marking them as read when I didn't even own them.  I changed it to to-read in those cases, but don't know how to delete them off my list.  One was Toybox: Gags.  It wasn't one I was planning to read.  The Toybox anthologies I collected were the ones with stories by Syd McGinley and James.  I'm kind of embarrassed that Toybox: Gags is now on my list, but I've read ones with worse titles.

It's something I can work on with interruptions, something I can come back to and continue doing.  I've gotten a fair amount of interruptions, but that wasn't unexpected.  Trying to nip M.'s yelling in the bud has taken some of my time and attention.

I'll post more later about the evening and night.

I broke down and paid $5 for two months of no advertisements on here.  I'm sure the company is very pleased that they made the commercials that annoying.  The worst were the ones that didn't allow you to do anything else until the commercial was over.

Later: Dinner was good -- chicken and rice.  I think it was some kind of chicken stroganoff, and M. used my basmati rice, but put onions in it.  He put too much water in with the rice.  Maybe I'll make it next time.  It tasted all right, though.

I headed for the house directly after I ate.  I'm mentally kind of tired from my efforts to keep M. from starting arguments.

(Added much later: In between being online -- see my early Sunday entry -- I talked to A. from Wisconsin for a couple of hours.  Once again we talked about everything from world news to news about ourselves.  A. was catching me up on a lot of AfterElton columns and articles.  I haven't been reading the articles much lately, just keeping up with the m/m romance and gay lit threads, and seeing what feedback my buddies are leaving on my profile, which is often quite amusing.)

Paul Neyron rose 2

and the flowers

It was still slightly light out when I got to the house, so I went out and looked around.  The orris is in full bloom.  I had picked one that was the single one on a stem the other day, but all the ones blooming today had another bud or two lower on the stem, and I want them all to get a chance to flower.

The lilacs are almost done.  'Pocohantas' still had a few flowers on a couple of clusters.  I didn't get to Tyler Arboretum or Longwood Gardens to see their lilacs this year.  I try to get there every year, but these last two months have been very busy.  It smelled like the sweet shrub was still blooming.  That has sort of a fruity wine fragrance.  One horticulturalist describes it as smelling like Juicy Fruit gum.  Sometimes it's a bit much, and I'm kind of sorry I planted it very close to the lilacs, but it's generally not too bad.

I found that Dad had planted three more roses yesterday, 'Aunt Honey', which is a Buck rose; 'Tropicana' and 'Chrysler Imperial'.  The latter two are hybrid tea roses.  What with 'Tropicana' and 'Fragrant Cloud' being two of the roses I got, there will be a violent mix of colors in the garden when they bloom.  'Tropicana' makes a violent mix of colors with almost any other rose except white ones.  I've seen it described as technically being deep pink with an overlay of vermillion.  In practice, it's practically a flourescent orange.  I think it's just about as orange as a rose can get.  'Fragrant Cloud' is sort of brick red.  Those of my roses that aren't white are mostly pinks, with a couple of raspberry-colored ones, a striped one, and a yellow here and there.

Not much else going on that I saw, but I'll explore deeper into the back yard tomorrow, and see if the American cranberrybush viburnum is blooming.  Dad put the marigolds I got Thursday by the ornamental kale from last winter, which is going to seed with little yellow flowers.  The purple and white stocks are in a pot in back of the kale, so that's all very colorful as well if you like mauve with yellow and orange.