April 11th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

real life Monday

My computer is broken.  It won't start.  The start-up repair says that a disk is corrupted.  I have the disks to reinstall things.  The various messages said I could either reinstall from a backup or start Vista all over again, and lose all my programs, files and everything.  I have some of my e-books saved onto USB drives, and three hundred-odd saved onto my e-reader, mostly in e-pub format.

In a way, it's lucky that I have all the editing I'm currently working on saved to a couple of USB drives and the editing for JCP Books in print versions, too.  I've been reading over the proof copy of GhosTV.  I'm borrowing my roommate's computer for the moment.  We'll be taking my CPU to the house so Dad can try to restore it from the backup he made some time ago.

Other than my computer dying, it's actually been a relatively productive day.  R. and I went grocery shopping, and got everything on our list and a few more things we were short on.  We started three loads of laundry, including that bathroom rug.  I cleaned the bathroom floor.

I hope my computer can be restored without completely starting over and losing everything, but at least I saved some of the most important things to me to the USB drives.

Paul Neyron rose 2

real life Monday continuing

I posted about Windows not starting on my computer.  I took the CPU to Dad, my first-line computer repair person.  If he hasn't fixed in in the next couple of days, it will go to a computer repair shop.  I'll be able to check my e-mail and so on every so often on my roommate's computer, and I can check e-mail on my phone, too.  "Invisible, imaginary Internet friends" who have my phone number, feel free to call.  That means you, A. from Green Bay. :)

Will report further as I hear from Dad.  I have two dozen rose bushes coming mid-April, too.  My life is starting to feel pretty chaotic again.