February 4th, 2011

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AWZ Tuesday

Axel continues his quest to get the inheritance.  Richard is very angry.

Katja trains badly, with Roman and Claudia there.

Frank is at No. 7 giving extensive drink orders.  Marian says she (some of the hockey team?) are too young to drink.  Flo comes in and asks if Franzi's cell phone is broken.

Ben joins the Steinkamp and Max meeting.  Simone calls and Richard tells her it's all good.  Vanessa fumes.  Richard says he doesn't want Simone to hear over the phone that her daughter has been officially declared dead.

Roman and Claudia watch Katja on an exercise machine, and discuss.

Isabelle being mopey.  A fax comes in, and she first thinks it's from Ben.  It's from Flo, for Franzi.  Franzi doesn't want to look at it, but Isabelle says she should.  It says, "Ich bin ein Idiot und Du bist tollste Frau die Welt."  ("I'm an idiot and you're the greatest woman in the world.")

Max and Richard discuss again.  Max says there isn't a legal way to stop Axel.  Not that that's ever stopped Max.

Deniz answers the Steinkamp Center phone.  Flo comes up, and Deniz says, "What can I do for you?"  Flo wants to see if he's gotten a fax (or can use the fax machine?).  Deniz points out Franzi and says that Flo can speak to her directly.  Flo tries, and Frank walks away.  Deniz says he doesn't believe Flo will be getting a fax.

Claudia and Katja stuff.

Axel wants Richard to sign a form about how Axel is one of the Steinkamp Center bosses now.  Richard balls it up and throws it over his shoulder.  Axel gets out another copy and pursues Richard.

Max and Ben talk things over.

Florian and Frank face off in the boxing ring.  Deniz is filling in as trainer again.  Hijinks ensue with the teenagers, with Frank hitting Florian even when he puts his gloves down.  Deniz calls Frank down to talk to her, and sends Andy up into the ring.  Flo punches Andy in the gut.  They go back and forth some, and Andy lands a punch on Flo's jaw.  Flo collapses, and Deniz and Frank rush into the ring.  Frank croons over Flo, and he smiles.  Deniz tries to get order, but Frank and Flo kiss.

We get a glimpse of Ingo and Tom singing and playing guitar.  I love Tom, but I was glad it was only a little bit of guitar.  Meanwhile, Annette and Katja chat.

Richard and Vanessa talk about the declaration of Jenny's death.  It's a father-daughter bonding thing.

Simone gets back to Essen, and goes to the Center first thing.  Axel shows her the death declaration.

Franzi and Flo continue their making up at the penthouse, then start to make out some.  They decide they shouldn't rush things, and next we see, they're doing homework.  Isabelle mocks Flo's knowledge of politics or lack thereof, and Flo says he can fix a washing machine.

Simone cuts up the death declaration, and cuts the black ribbon off that picture of Jenny.  She's still determined.

Katja has a Ben dream.

Simone asks Max and Richard if they have a plan.  They don't, but Simone does.  They can write a will in Jenny's name.  Eyeflash.

Paul Neyron rose 2

AWZ Wednesday

Simone continues with her plan to fake Jenny's will.  Vanessa doesn't like it.

Katja mopes.

Marian spies on Richard talking to Jessica.  Richard is asking about his heart medicine, and flirting.  Jessica tells him he should go to his cardiologist.

Katja skates badly.

Ben comes home.  Isabelle stuff.  Vanessa comes and vents about her parents' plans.  Ben says that the firm has always been their favorite child.  Vanessa storms out.  Ben belatedly tries to apologize, but Vanessa's gone.

Marian and Jessica stupidity, as Marian accuses Jessica of flirting.

Roman clashes with Claudia.  Katja comes in.

Simone and Max have a breakfast plotting session at the villa.  Vanessa comes in.  Worth watching for Vanessa's red top.  She's a big girl, but she wears her clothes with confidence.

Marian watches Jessica take off her robe and swim, and gets totally confuses between Jenny and Jessica.

Claudia gives Katja a pep talk.

Roman discusses things with the star trainer Claudia's brought in, Meyerhoff.  Meyerhoff diagnoses lovesickness.

Axel breaks up a little Constanze, Brigitte and Ben birthday party at the desk.  He lists a clause which says that staff shouldn't drink.  Since when?  He has Brigitte dig out his list of rules and regulations.

Meyerhoff starts his critique of Katja.  Roman and Annette exchange worried glances as Meyerhoff gets more and more demanding.

Jessica comes into the men's locker room.  Marian confuses her with Jenny and the time he and Jenny hooked up in the locker room.  It's all very creepy.  Marian even says, "I love you," thinking he's talking to Jenny.

Ben joins Richard and Max.  He's found something in Axel's rules, something he says about the health of the workers.

At some point either late in this episode or early in the next, Richard and Max confront Axel with his rule about workers needing to be 100% healthy.  They mock him about the aphasia while pointing out that he's not 100% healthy because of that.

The star trainer says it's unprofessional for a skater to succumb to lovesickness, and says to Katja, "You don't belong on the ice."

Paul Neyron rose 2

AWZ Thursday

Roman confronts Meyerhoff.  Katja runs off.

Marian finally realizes it's Jessica afterwards, and runs off.

Katja runs into Deniz, who manages to keep his armload of boxes from falling.  Marian runs into Deniz, and this time Deniz does drop his load of boxes.  Marian unrolls one of the things Deniz was carrying, that picture of Jenny.

Annette catches up with Katja outside the Center, and gives her love.

Richard and the usual suspects gloat about using Axel's rules about the workers needing to be 100% healthy against him.  Vanessa runs out of the room.

Claudia comes to the Bergmann flat, to the bathroom where Katja's taking a shower, to give her a pep talk.

Axel gets a form from Jessica saying that he's fit.  "Top fit."

During the sex Marian had with Jessica, who he thought that whole time was Jenny, he said, "I love you."  She comes to the bar and says she loves him too.  Marian was quite content to wallow in his grief and look at the artifacts he has of Jenny's.  Marian tells Jessica he thinks it's going too fast.  Jessica sees the "J" necklace Marian was holding, and says, "Is that for me?"  Marian says it is, and puts it on her.

Ben comes to the trainer's office looking for Roman.  Claudia bawls him out about giving Katja lovesickness.

Isabelle is still obsessed over the burn scar on her decolletage.

"Breathe Me" started playing, and I thought for a moment I'd switched shows, but it was being used for a Katja moping scene.  Huge boos and a verdict of sacrilege.

Isabelle calls Jessica, who gives her silicone(?) -- perhaps a scar-covering cream?  Jessica tells Isabelle not to stay in the apartment, but to get out and see friends, to socialize.  Too bad Isabelle doesn't have any friends.

Richard, Simone and Max put their heads together to write "Jenny's" will.  They leave things to Roman, and Frau Scholtz.  Vanessa comes in and says she's written Jenny's will.  Eyeflash.

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real life Friday - the part at home

I guess I got a pretty good bit done, but I'm feeling a little cranky.  It may be a Kris' baby brother thing.  I woke thinking someone was calling my name.  There was no one home, so I suppose I dreamed it.  K.G, the professional organizer, called around noon to say she wouldn't be able to make it, because she had five or so occupational therapy jobs she had to do in the afternoon.  I said I'd been wanting to go out anyway, so I think she got the correct impression that I wasn't crushed that she couldn't make it today.  We tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday.

I'd kind of gotten myself together and as far as dressed when the cleaning lady, S.D., came.  I was putting the cocoa butter and Vitamin E cream on my scar.  S. was in a talkative mood, so we talked about the weather and such for a while.  She likes winter, but admitted she was getting rather tired of snow.  I just whimper every time I hear on the news that we're getting another snowstorm.  We're scheduled for another inch of ice tomorrow, so I was especially anxious to get out today when I could.

S.D. was talking about putting patches on her son's insulated coveralls.  He works in a quarry, she said.  She also mentioned that she has a lot of crochet yarn and supplies in her room, and has been talking about making quilts and afghans.  I ran up and got my e-reader, and asked if she could make a quilted cover for that.

We went back and forth a bit over design, and she finally had me draw what I meant.  I wanted padding around the whole thing, with a front that flipped open and had a Velcro strap together to hold it when it was closed.  She said she could make a padded covering that had a handle and Velcro on top.  I had said I'd pay $25.  She thought that was ridiculously much.  "The covers they sell, which are fabric with a bit of leather, and little pins holding the reader in, are $40," I said.

"What color do you want?" she asked.

"It can be multicolored," I said.  "Blue, purple, pink, whatever.  Just so it has cotton batting inside the cover."  I thought about it.  "I wouldn't want a cover of fabric meant for little kids' stuff."  S. said she had lots of quilting material home, so she wouldn't need to buy any fabric or cotton batting.

I told S. she should put the word out that she makes covers for e-readers, and I bet it would be popular.  She said she already has four [state university] afghans to make and a baby afghan.  Apparently she's pretty booked.

I called H. to see if she wanted to go to the really big used book store near [borough].  She said she would, that she'd be done work at 3:30.  I figured I'd do various errands and shopping meanwhile.

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real life -- the getting out of the house part

First I needed to get gas, as the car's gas tank was just about empty.  Then I went to a shopping center that has a dollar store and a liquor store, and put a call in to Mom to see if she had any requests.  She didn't answer the first time I called, but I got her a bag of cotton balls at the dollar store.  She really likes the ones they have there, the triple-sized ones.  I got a fairy wand glowstick.

I finally got a hold of her when I was in the liquor store.  She wanted her usual golden sherry.  I got a bottle of French vanilla kahlua, since the bottle we had was nearly empty.  H. texted to ask if I could pick her up at 4:30.  I said, "I'm in [borough]."  She needed a little time after work before she went out again, so I headed to the big shopping strip area.

I went to Party City and got more glowsticks.  Now that I don't officially need them, I wanted to get some anyway.  I don't know.  I went to the grocery store, then drove to the township building to pick up a recycling bin and some stickers saying "Paper Recycling."  I've been recycling four to eight bags of paper at a time with the room cleanup.

I went to pick up H.  I pulled up in front of her dorm, and put my four-way flashers on.  A van pulled up behind me and shone a white light.  I pulled up further.  It pulled up further.  I supposed it was the campus equivalent of mall cops.  H. had said she'd be right out.  As she got in the car, the campus security came up to my window.  "I'm moving now!" I said.  He got behind the car to take my license plate number.  I rolled the window down.  "I'm moving now," I said again.

He came up and said that I'd ignored the shining white light and him motioning from the van.  Like I could see in the van when he was shining the light.  "You can't park where there are white lines, or by a fire hydrant," he lectured.  "You didn't even want to talk to me.  I'm giving you a ticket."

"I wasn't parking, just waiting for a minute."

"I won't give you a ticket this time," he said, and lectured me some more.  When he was done his lecture, I pulled away from there.  You'd think I'd be a law-abiding citizen, but not particularly when it comes to parking on that campus.  It's not like I was leaving the car there, and I certainly would have moved it if a fire truck had come along.  If I'd left the spot in front of the dorm, I would have had to go in a big circle around the block on all one-way streets.  I was there in front of the dorm for several more minutes since the mall cop felt the need to give me that lecture.

H. and I got to the bookstore all right.  She said she'd worked 8 to 3:30, and was just in a wandering mood.  I said I might just stay by the woodstove and pet the bookstore cats for a while.  A lady who worked there (part of the family, perhaps?) said they'd just gotten a puppy, and that we could see the puppy.  She was the same lady who'd told me about her leg and ankle being fractured in several places, and offered to spot me on the stairs when I'd come in a few months ago.  She took us to see the puppy, which was a ten-week-old Jack Russell terrier, and awfully cute.  Wiggly, but adorable.

I ventured up the stairs to the second floor, and poked around, and eventually up to the third floor.  I'm still rather reluctant to get too many books myself, since I'm supposed to be giving most away, but they had six or eight taxidermy books.  I got one called Taxidermy Guide: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Home Taxidermy by Russell Tinsley.  I think I'd gotten it from the county library system before.  I got into taxidermy books when Jordan did all those LJ posts about researching Sleepwalker.

I looked at the gardening books again, but they had pretty much the same books they'd had last week, none from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century about roses or other flowers this visit.  I looked at children's book series.  I figured I'd look up some of the old ones and see if they were in Google e-books for free, but I didn't write them down.  Next time.  I enjoyed Army Boys in France, while recognizing the blatant pro-American propaganda, even jingoism.  The references to "the Hun" seem rather quaint these days.

H. found me.  I went to pay for my taxidermy book, and the lady said they were just about to close.  I'd completely lost track of time.  We must have spent close to an hour in that old bookstore.  I found H., and we headed back to [university].  H. was going to take a nap, then go out again.  I got home just as Dad was getting home, very convenient for me as I told him he could carry in the recycling bin and the liquor.

My Friday night "party" plans include editing, maybe a little proofreading, and watching Alles was zahlt.  I think I mentioned that we're supposed to get another inch of ice tomorrow, so my exciting Saturday plans will probably involve more editing.  If it's decent out Sunday, I'll probably go to Longwood Gardens.  H. said she'd been invited to several Super Bowl parties.  I had been ignoring football so determinedly I didn't even know it was this Sunday.  Well, I expect Longwood Gardens would be pretty quiet then, aside from maybe some international tourists.

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AWZ Friday

Vanessa writes Jenny's will -- and in Jenny's own handwriting.  Simone and Max are thrilled, and kiss Vanessa a lot.

Annette, Tom and Katja chat.  Katja's apparently leaving for Berlin for a while.  I was happy.  Tom gets a call and goes off to visit Isabelle.  She's having a picnic for Ben.

Deniz gives Axel the schedule for the Eishalle.  Axel rambles on for a bit, then says he wants more done.  Deniz says he's doing whatever the Steinkamp Center equivalent of clocking out is.

Ingo has a surprise for Nettchen at the fry stand.  He's made a kitschy love nest of a string of heart-shaped lights, and various other little hearts scattered around.  Katja senses she's the third wheel, and takes off.

Isabelle shows Ben her picnic, and they start to eat.  Vanessa calls.  Ben says it's not a great time, then goes to meet her at No. 7.  Isabelle is sad.  Vanessa tells Ben what's going on with the will.

Ingo drives away the people who are making noise around the fry stand.  He might be wearing his cowboy boots, but klein Ingo is hanging out.  A police car pulls up.  Annette and Ingo try to explain, but Ingo is arrested for exhibitionism.  Worth watching for the lame explanation and how unimpressed the police are.

There's a relatively peaceful meal at the villa.  Simone plans how she'll react.  Max says something(?) makes his Argentinian blood run cold.

Tom is brushing his teeth in the Bergmann flat bathroom.  Katja bursts in to get her toiletries.  She zips back out, and Tom gets a call.  "You're where?" he asks.

Ben sleeps on the couch.  Isabelle pretends she had a nightmare.  "My hair burned, my clothes burned..."  Her hair didn't burn at all.  Considering her face was burned, you'd think that was surprising, but it's a soap opera.  Ben is sadly not at all genre-savvy.  (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GenreSavvy)

Richard looks for Ben as soon as he gets to the Center.  He asks a couple of extras, then Deniz.  "I don't believe he's here," Deniz says.  "Could I talk to you for a minute?"

Ben and Isabelle are having breakfast together.

Deniz says to Richard, "I appreciate the chance you gave me."  Deniz says something about making copies and coffee.  Either he wants more of a challenge, or he wants to quit.  Richard says it isn't a good time.  Next we see of Richard, he's calling Ben.

"I'm working from home today," Ben says.  Richard says he knows Vanessa talked to Ben.  "Don't worry," Ben says.  I'm sure he's not happy about the fake will, but he will probably refrain from telling Axel, was the impression I got.  It's not like Axel was at all grateful when Ben told him that the rest of the family had been poisoning him.

Axel comes to the villa.  He says he's sure there's going to be a fake will.

Annette and Ingo argue, then say goodbye.

The notary comes in, and Axel says that any will they come up with is false.  The notary produces a video will that Jenny did on a DVD.  The family and Axel gather around to hear it.  Flash on the split-screen reactions of all of the Steinkamps there, and Max.