January 26th, 2011

Paul Neyron rose 2

joining things

I joined Goodreads, and looked up several authors.  I clicked on what I had or hadn't read, so now you can see.  I asked James to be my friend.  Others of you who are on Goodreads can look me up under my name.  My question there is whether I know you from elsewhere on the Internet.  Obviously if you're reading here, the answer is yes.

Added: I wasn't going to do any reviews, ratings or favorites, but Goodreads put up a favorites shelf of any books I'd commented on.  I put "edited this" on those of Jordan's books I'd worked on, so people would know I wasn't impartial, and it put up all of those.  It also put up a couple of books where I'd commented, "It made me cry."  I guess if people are looking for books that would make them cry, that's a recommendation.  Anyway, I went through the ones I'd marked "read" so far, and picked some favorites.  If you're not up there, it doesn't mean I don't love you -- I just picked out some books here and there that particularly hit me.

Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday real life

It was okay.  Okay, considering?  We got six inches of snow, with another two to six(?) expected.  Mom tried to get to work, and didn't get far.  Dad tried to get to work, and didn't get far either.  Dad seemed happy enough to be home.  He watched TV and worked on the computers in the house.  Mom slept a lot.

P. called, and then called back later.  She'd stood in the snow for a couple of hours waiting for the bus in the morning.  Apparently there had been an accident on [a main road in the shopping area], and the bus wasn't getting anywhere -- so they said when she called the bus company.  She called the grocery store and told them, and they told her not to worry about it.  She's probably one of the most reliable and conscientious workers they have, and they know it.

J. sent an e-mail about his graduation, but forgot the link that was the reason he'd sent it.  We still think he's anticipating a bit, since it's in May.  Anyway, I called to ask him about the link, and he vented for a while.  He's stressed about grad school, his internship, some things with his home life (I'd say much more, but he knows my LJ name and I'm sure he'd rather I kept it personal), and not being able to concentrate on school work as much as he thinks he should be able to, and it's frustrating to him.  I vented back some.  He finally mentioned his e-mail about graduation, and I told him that's why I'd originally called.  He later sent the link.

I called S.M. about getting together sometime this week.  She'd like to have me over on Friday, but I told her I was also talking about getting together with S.(W.) on Friday.  I said that I was sure he knew a lot more about computers than I did, if she might want more expert lessons.  We'll see if S. feels like doing that. (Hee.  Somehow I doubt it.)

I'm doing relatively well about keeping up on e-mail.  I've had various things to say on AfterElton, and hope I didn't offend anyone.  I make it clear that it's my opinion.  I've been doing a lot of talking about editing with the various people I work for and with.  I guess it's kind of meta-conversation(?).  Anyway, I have a lot of editing to do, and I'm realizing I need to pace myself with the novels, that I just can't do it all in one night.  I need to break it up into sections.  I can't wait until I really feel in an editing "mood."  Generally when I'm in a fairly level mood, I get into editing mode pretty quickly once I start reading the story.

We had meatloaf and spinach tonight, and I put vinegar on the spinach.  I like it that way, but my stomach didn't much like it.  I was mad at myself.  An upset stomach is guaranteed to break my concentration.  Anyway, I took various antacids, and it's a little better now.  I'm hoping to have a productive night.

Added: I finished a short editing job.  I didn't find the heroine of the story likeable.  However, I did manage to make a few suggestions about what might make her seem more likeable.  I hope to make decent progress on editing a novel tonight.

Also added: And I'm looking forward to reading GhosTV as much as any fan is.  Kris will feel that I'm rubbing it in that I'll see it earlier.  We still love you, Kris.