January 18th, 2011

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AWZ Monday

Mostly I just watched the parts with Deniz and Roman, because, really, what else is there?

Max almost escaped, except that Rafael found that Max had freed himself from his duct-tape.  Rafael poisoned Simone.  I can't even watch the Rafael and Simone scenes.  Well, if Simone survives, she'll know that Rafael is the enemy.  I guess I'm partly disillusioned because Rafael seemed like a more-or-less nice guy, and I really liked Rafael/Lena.  The actor is much better playing a pleasant character than a villain.  Nice Rafael was so much more convincing to me.  The actor who plays Max (Francisco?) is doing a fine job on his end of things.

I fast-forwarded through a lot of the Ben/Isabelle stuff and the Ben/Katja stuff.  I am so much more than over it.  Marian's scenes with just Jessica pretty much sucked, too, as Marian threw money at Jessica, then had a flashback to doing just that to Jenny.  Sam is quite a good actor, but the plot is so damn repetitive, and Marian is being such a stalkerish asshole.

There was just enough Wild brother and Deniz after-dinner cleanup cameraderie to establish some sense of normality in that household before Marian came in.  Deniz asked if he'd forgotten something.  I think Marian said he'd forgotten what a liar Deniz was.  After some harsh words, Deniz asked what he was supposed to do, let his dad drink himself into a stupor to forget Jenny?

"That's a great idea!" Marian said, and stomped out.  Deniz followed, but Marian kicked him out of No. 7, then when Deniz knocked and pleaded with his dad, Marian turned on loud music and started drinking.

Roman came out to find Deniz, and found him knocking on the window of No. 7, saying, "Bitte, Daed."

"There's nothing else you can do for him," Roman told Deniz.

Deniz went to No. 7 in the morning, to find Marian passed out on a padded bench as Jenny had been back in the day, jukebox still blaring.  He said that the loud music had kept them awake, and turned off the jukebox.  Deniz tried to talk to a very hungover and probably still mostly drunk Marian.  I think Marian asked Deniz to watch No. 7 for a bit, as Marian needed a shower.  "Oh, yeah," Marian said.  "You have that internship."  Not that we've seen Deniz working at the Steinkamp Center too much in the past few weeks, except to try to figure out what the aphasic Axel was saying.  Deniz got angry with Marian, and left.

Next scene with Marian was the one where Jessica came in and Marian threw money at her.  Did I already say that the Marian/Jessica plot was crappy?  Still, the Marian and Deniz scenes are great.  Roman is there providing Deniz with quiet emotional support, and those little scenes are beautiful, too.

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Tuesday so far

More activity than I thought.  I hadn't been able to get to sleep last night -- I stayed up reading The Pharoah's Concubine, then wasn't sleepy -- so I took some Benedryl and probably dozed off around 4-something.  Dad called at 11:15 this morning to say that he'd locked his keys in the car and left the motor running.  I put some warm clothes on.  My car was covered with a layer of ice over snow.  Dad had left an ice scraper on top of my purse in case I wanted to scrape off my car.  If he hadn't left the ice scraper for me, I probably wouldn't have been able to clean the car off, so he was lucky he had attempted to "encourage" me to do so.  As I said in my last "real life" post, my plan was to stay inside all day.

I took several keys we had on hooks in the mudroom.  Dad thought the keychain had a white tag, but wasn't sure.  After some time scraping the car off, I set out on my adventure.  I decided not to take the steep and winding back road Dad generally takes to work, but took main roads there.  I found the building where he works (there are several buildings in the same style there), and the guy at the reception desk contacted Dad.  I think he had him paged.  Anyway, Dad sorted through the keys until he found one he thought looked promising.  He got into his car and turned it off.  Apparently he still had enough gasoline left to get home, or to a gas station, or so he figured.

I stopped at the Indian grocery on my way back, since I'd taken the main road again and it was on the right side of the road.  I got alu mutter, chicken tikka masala, rasmalai, gulab jamun, and plain and garlic naan.  I was the only one in the store besides the folks who run it.  The lady who often serves the hot food and the sweets, and runs the cash register, told me to keep warm.

I had some chicken tikka masala with the garlic naan.  The garlic naan also had a lot of cilantro on it.  I had asked for chana masala, too, but the lady said they hadn't changed the signs, and that it was the alu mutter.  I tried it, as I've had it before in a mild version.  At the Indian grocery I think they're made medium-spicy.  I had a few bites of the alu mutter, and some of the plain naan.

I called H. to see if she was back in [borough] for school.  They were having classes today, she said.  I was surprised they hadn't canceled classes due to the freezing rain.  I guess they'd have to cancel quite a few days if they canceled every time there was freezing rain in the winter.  She had classes tonight and tomorrow night, but had morning and early afternoon free tomorrow.  I told her I'd bring her leftover Indian food for lunch.  She said I could meet her in the GLBT office.  There's a microwave there.  "They won't mind having the office smell like Indian food," she said confidently.  We'll see.

My secret love child wrote to me today.  He said he'd been behind on e-mail.  He'd gotten the badly-written book I'd sent him as a Christmas present, for his reading entertainment.  He said it was funny, and he couldn't get over one particular phrase I mentioned seeing in the book.  It was a "Did Not Finish" for me, once I saw that phrase and realized that it had been quoted as an odd choice of words in an unnamed book.  I read Emmyjag's review after I recognized that phrase and remembered that she'd said she'd reviewed it, and that was enough for me.  Since S. finished it, I guess I'll have to as well, to be able to fully discuss it with him.  Then again, I think S.'s tolerance for situations that I would want brain-bleach for is pretty high.  I'll have to tell him there's a sequel.  He's on his own for that one, though.  (Edited: After reading his e-mail again, I think he'd read the funny short story I'd gotten two copies of.  I sent one to him.  I did that with a few books this holiday season.  He says hearing about some of the things I read just gives him cold shivers down his back, and not in a good way.  I find it a little odd that he's sensitive about fiction when he's got so much real-life knowledge.  We still have a lot of fun with our book discussions, though.)

The Pharoah's Concubine was pretty good.  Z.A. Maxfield is a decent writer.  It was a little icky with a sixteen-year age difference between the protagonists, the younger being twenty.  At least he was legal.  I think that if the younger partner is in his mid-twenties, a decade or more of age difference is all right.  Her protagonists are sometimes too good to be true, and fall in love without much communication at all.  I can see falling in lust without communication.  I think love takes a bit more in the way of conversation.  We got a little telling about why Dylan liked William so much, and vice versa, rather than the showing it it could have been, but both characters weren't really ready to discuss the more tender emotions until near the end of the book, so it was understandable.  It's hard for me to believe that a twenty-year-old wouldn't mature and have different wants in regards to a partner, but it's a romance, so I'll try to go with a rather fairytale happily ever after.

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AWZ Tuesday

I couldn't listen to the Katja/Ben/Isabelle stuff.  Katja skated and fell down.  This was apparently practice, though Roman and Claudia were elsewhere.  Claudia did say something to Katja about her axel when they were in the Steinkamp Center.

Rafael poisoned Simone, though perhaps she was acting like she was poisoned.  It was pretty confusing.  I think Max had flashbacks to things we hadn't seen actually happen.  I have been keeping up with AWZ.  Richard took off to save Max.  Max had a gun in his coat.  I don't know how Rafael could tie him up and not notice a pistol in Max's pocket.  The two of them circled around, talking and pointing guns at each other.  Francisco sold his part pretty well, the actor who plays Rafael not so much.  At least, that's what I got from the body language, since I didn't get much of the spoken language at all.  I heard it when Rafael/Antonio told Max he had no cojones.  I never took Spanish, but my Spanish is better than my German.

Florian and Frank's story continues on its goofy way, meanwhile.  They were making out in the locker room, and Flo had just enough sense to say that he didn't want her first time to be there -- or did she say that?  However, he told the hockey team that he'd had Frank in the locker room.  The boys were laughing about that at the Steinkamp Center bar, then by the pool.  Franzi, wearing an ironic "I'm here" T-shirt, told Roman that Florian's and her first time had been beautiful -- candles(?), music, very romantic.  Bunny said he was happy for her -- them -- and hopped away.

Next we saw of der Hase, he went into the weight room, where Florian was lifting weights.  Roman pushed the bar of the weights down against Florian's neck, and said that he didn't know whether to congratulate Florian or find him to be an idiot.  Florian gasped something out, and Roman let him up.  Hase said that Frank had said their first time had been very romantic.  Andy came in and said that Flo had said it had been in the locker room.  Franzi, still wearing her "I'm here" T-shirt, said it was none of Andy's business.  Roman tried to stifle a grin.  He summarized the stories, and then told them to get them straight.  Florian and Frank talked about it a bit, then kissed.

Bunny is sparkling in his role as one of Franzi's protectors.  He's her white knight.

Deniz was in the weight room next, struggling with a much heavier weight than Florian had used, when someone spotted him easily.  Deniz sat up, and saw it was Marian.  Marian apologized for being such a jerk the previous night.  I think Deniz said, "That's what you always say."  Deniz was clearly still very hurt.  He started using some flex thing to work his biceps.  Marian said he'd talked it out with Jessica.  I don't really remember, though I'm sure I said something about it in a previous entry.

They went to turn away, then Marian said, "Deniz" at the same time Deniz said, "Daed."  They hugged.  I'm not sure how Marian felt about having a hot sweaty Deniz hugging him, but I would have been happy.  I remembered that "tall, gleaming slice of Turkish delight" description the EKP ladies used once to describe Deniz.

The scene felt kind of stuck in there to advance the Jessica plot, but it was still really good acting.  Also, it's hard to go wrong with a scene in which Igor looks like a weight room fantasy.

The episode ended with Max not being able to shoot Rafael down, and then Rafael hitting Max with a pipe, but I didn't really care.  I was still happily thinking of the "Turkish delight."

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more soap

Anthony Langford's new edition of Gays of Our Lives is up: http://www.afterelton.com/tv/gayslives/01-19-2011  He still hates Christian and Olli's lack of screen time and finds the Lilly storyline horrible.  I can't fault him for wanting to have more screen time for the guys.  He said that they could have interesting storylines if the fans would release their stranglehold on them(?!?).  There can still be plenty of storylines for a couple who are happy with each other.  They can face a lot of challenges together.  The writers just need to use some creativity.

The only mention of AWZ was something like "Deniz has to choose between his father and his career..." in the teasers.  I wish Anthony had mentioned whether he'd found any source that does subtitles.  The Marian/Jessica plot is pretty stupid, but Igor's acting is beautiful, and he and Sam play off each other so well.  I'm enjoying Roman and Deniz' roles as confidantes and advisors in Florian and Franzi's romance.  Dennis and Michael(?) play off each other so well, too.  We need to see more of the Wild brothers.