January 5th, 2011

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AWZ Tuesday

My brain is sort of scrambled from today's real life goings-on, so this might be slightly more off than usual.  Then again, I'm doing recaps of a foreign-language soap opera, and people who don't speak German either are reading it.  Frankly, I'm baffled that people are taking what I write as straight recaps when I'm getting two or three words in ten and going by body language, facial expressions, what I know of former plot and who's related to whom.  D.S. from garden club thinks my comprehension is pretty good, but she just sees that I get the general gist.  At some point when I acquire a regular translator -- because there's got to be a queer or fag-hag language major or foreign exchange student at the university who will translate for me, and someone in the GLBT group must know that person -- I'll probably subscribe to the AWZ archives and have marathons.

Anyway...there were new credits, different ones from yesterday's new credits.  Roman wasn't in them today, but Deniz shared the screen with Ingo (and Olga), and Florian and Frank were together, and the Bergmann sisters.  The Steinkamps and von Altenburgs showed up in various combinations of relatedness -- Simone with Max, Vanessa with Richard and Ben, and so on.  I guess when they did new credits they did a bunch of them, to cover a number of eventualities and combinations.

The Ozturks and Wilds weren't in today's episode, but there were plenty of Steinkamps and their hangers-on.  There was some Simone/Rafael interaction, in which Rafael daringly touched Simone's back while they were in the Center.  Axel saw Max practicing with his sword, and came into the salle, indignant that Max had been released.  Of course Max ended up kicking Axel out at swordpoint.  Axel has so little sense of self-preservation sometimes.  I don't know why Ben didn't just let him keep on thinking he was dying.  It's not like Axel's been grateful to Ben.

There was some Ben and Isabelle drama and angst.  The high point was Franziska coming in with flowers for Isabelle, which was sweet.  Apparently they really did bond.  Isabelle had a cracky wish-fulfilment dream sequence of skating beautifully and having Ben's love.

Ingo and Annette helped Tom with his uncle's van.  First Ingo was helping him try to start it, which led to loud noises and clouds of smoke.  After a couple scenes of attempts, Ingo suggested to Tom that he get Marian to try to fix it.  Tom and Ingo found a pipe, and Ingo said something about grass, but it was just a regular sort of pipe.  Tom later found a hookah, and panpipes.  He found his uncle's will, too.  Tom's uncle left everything to him.

I think Uncle Reichenbach wanted his ashes scattered from atop Mt. Everest(?)  Tom had told his father about his uncle's death, and Papa R. was taking the body back to be buried in Munich.  The will wasn't valid, I don't think, because Tom's uncle had just been typing it up, and they found it in his typewriter.  There was some plotting later on between Ingo and Tom about how to carry out Uncle R.'s last wishes.  They were definitely talking about ashes.

There was more talk of ashes over at the Steinkamp villa.  I don't know if they found out for sure that the ashes weren't of Jenny, but Richard seemed to have figured out how Axel paid to have it all put through by the Russian authorities so he could get his inheritance.  They were at least in the process of having DNA tests done.

Isabelle idly grabbed a magazine to read while she was in her hospital bed.  Of course the center article was about whether Isabelle's career was over.  Isabelle unwrapped her chest bandages to reveal nasty wounds above her breasts.  Then she reached for the very shiny reflective tray that her water pitcher was on.  It reflected back a face and chest with huge bloody oozing sores, far more dramatic than Isabelle actually has.  The makeup people were hard at work.  The episode ended with Isabelle's eye flash, pan flash, eye/face/scarred decolletage flash.

Back at the villa, Simone said she was going back to Russia.  "To the Russian taiga?  In winter?"  Richard said some other things, but I think that was the general idea.  Rafael said he'd go with her.  Richard said it was a family thing.  Max came in, and started on Rafael about sleeping with both Lena and Simone.  Rafael said he loved Simone.  Max was dubious.

Richard and Simone started arguing about who was sleeping with whom, and Simone said something I'm sure was very funny about Richard's "water-play" with the redhead.  There has to be a translation that uses the word "watersports" in there somewhere.

It all went on for a bit longer, then Vanessa finally yelled at everyone to shut up.  It was in English, too, a "Shut up!" with echoes.  That could have been an alternate eyeflash, Vanessa facing off against all of her family and Rafael, who's sleeping with half of her family.

The best part was Tom with the hookah.  The hookah needs to move into the Bergmann flat.  They have the hockey calendar there, with Ingo's two months, and they have Olga.  They can have a hookah there.  I loved that the hockey calendar with the Florian picture was on display at the Bergmann flat, the Wild-Ozturk flat, and the trainer's office at the Center.  Florian seemed to get mid-October through mid-December, and now it's Ingo's turn.  I'm just waiting for Deniz' months.  In fact, they could keep the calendar on the Deniz months, as far as I'm concerned.

The vorschau for tomorrow's episode is "Isabelle is hysterical."  I'm sure she is.  I'll likely do a late-night post tomorrow, or two entries or a combined entry on Thursday night.


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AWZ Wednesday

The short version, to be expanded on later.

Isabelle had hysterics.

Vanessa bawled her family out.

Tom and Ingo stole Tom's uncle's body.  That was totally worth watching.

Katja decided to go to the hospital to apologize to Isabelle.  Isabelle kicked her out.

Rafael is plotting -- probably against Max, though I'm not sure why.  He was hacking his wooden sword against a punching bag.  I think this is meant to symbolize deep feelings.

Richard and Simone had it out.  Vanessa is disgusted with both of them, though they tried to apologize to her.  I believe Vanessa said that was why she'd moved to Boston.

Tom called his father.  I'm not sure exactly what he said, but I know the last thing was, "Du kannst mich mal."

The credits today were the same as Monday's, so maybe they only did two new versions.

Paul Neyron rose 2

to New Jersey

The prayer service before Aunt A.'s burial was supposed to be at the gravesite, but since that was covered with snow, it was held in a chapel that was a replica of a medieval one.  Dad's sisters were there, and their husbands, and my cousin J.T.  I'm the oldest cousin, he's the youngest.  One of Aunt A.'s oldest friends, Aunt L., who generally comes to our holiday celebrations, was there.  A lot of women from the women's groups Aunt A. was in were there, and I think a few residents from the retirement community she lived in.  The memorial service will be at the retirement community, and there will be a lot more people there, I'm sure.  There was a pretty good crowd in the chapel.

The pastor said Aunt A. had incredible faith, and faced dying with peace.  We knew she was a remarkable woman.  I hadn't known she'd been a volunteer at a Newark, NJ, soup kitchen.  She did a lot with the church, some of which I'd known about.  The pastor said she felt that the Presbyterian church had too many rules, which he agreed with on occasion.  Apparently she preferred the style of the Congregationalist church she'd attended for many years before she moved to the retirement community.

I suppose I'm having trouble absorbing the fact that she's gone, though I saw the coffin.  I had really wanted to see her again, but we didn't go Christmas day, and we ran out of time.  I'm glad J. and K. got to see her last Thursday.  Mom and Dad and I saw her on our visit to her in early December, and we talked to her right before Christmas, and sent our love, so she knew we were thinking of her.  She will be deeply missed by all of us.