December 27th, 2010

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AWZ Monday

It was weird knowing I might never see subtitles for it again, but RTL viewers got a good glimpse of much of Roman and Deniz today.  Deniz was all rumpled and sleepy, protesting getting out of bed, I think.  Roman was in a hurry to get dressed.  He started out just in his brown briefs, though he quickly pulled on a sweater and jeans.  In the moments before he got dressed, I was reminded of the lines in a couple of J.L. Langley's books, "He might be small, but he wasn't small everywhere."  I think she described Lainey of "With Love" and possibly Aiden of My Fair Captain that way.

Deniz was wearing his very short blue briefs and a T-shirt, and remained that way for the scene.  Roman was apparently in a hurry to go train Katja.  I didn't see why he couldn't just stay and cuddle with sleepy Deniz all day.  Marian came in and asked Deniz to watch the bar.  Deniz sniffed Marian's neck, and detected cologne.  Deniz then inquired about what kind of "intermine" (sp.?) Marian was having.  Apparently "intermine" means "appointment."  Marian took off, then Roman left.

The great thing about the episode was that aside from the Katja reference from Roman, the entire episode was Isabelle/Ben/Katja free.  I hadn't realized how badly they were dragging down the show until there was a day free of their misery.

Marian went on his "appointment" to give Jessica/Cheyenne flowers.  She refused them, and said, "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?"  Someone needs to tell Marian that stalking is just not sexy.  Jessica said that in her Jessica role, Marian was not her type of guy.  In her Cheyenne role, it didn't matter if he was her type or not, as long as he paid her.

Axel had apparently quit his job as a licensed-center appointee, then tried to revoke his quitting.  Max and Simone weren't about to let him un-quit.  Claudia wants her choreographer job back.  I want her to leave Essen, and possibly take Katja with her.  I don't think I'll ever warm to Claudia, not since she blackmailed Roman.  He remembers.  Also, the way she tried to seduce Richard to keep her job was so icky.

Axel's mother called, then faxed a page to him about sexual healing.  It had a picture of what looked like a carving of Indian deities, four of them, in rather a tangle of limbs.  Axel went to see Jessica, and haltingly told her that his aphasia wasn't getting any better.  She again told him to see a speech therapist.  He wanted an immediate miracle cure.  When he got back to the desk that is still his for the moment, he dug the page on (probably Tantric) sexual healing out of his trash can.

Deniz was next seen in No. 7, his hand in a bucket of ice, talking to Roman on the phone.  I think he'd smashed his finger between beer kegs or something.  Marian came in, and snapped at him for leaving crates in front of the bar, and not working.  Deniz held up his hand with the pinched finger, and told Marian not to blame him because his date had gone badly.  Marian kicked Deniz out of No. 7.  Marian then proceeded to close the bar, telling the patrons their drinks were on the house.

Rafael was in the boxing club practicing kendo when Simone came in.  They were kind of awkward, then Lena came in, and it got exponentially more awkward.  Later, Lena led a tai-bo(?) for women class that Vanessa and Frank participated in.  Vanessa was way off on her timing from the rest of the women.  Flo came in at the end of class, and asked Frank to a movie.  Frank asked Vanessa if she wanted to come with them.  (Frank!)  I think Vanessa understood that she'd be a third wheel.

Marian drank at the bar for a while.  From various flashbacks Marian is having, Jessica and Jenny are completely confused in his mind.  I find this creepy.  He went to Jessica's trailer.

Axel had seen an ad for women offering sex in a comfortable trailer.  After hitting on Brigitte for a bit -- she is hot, but clearly found the idea of Axel icky -- he decided to go pay for sex therapy.  He got there in his car as Marian got there on his motorcycle.  Cheyenne answered the trailer door, then took off the blonde wig when she saw it was Marian.  Axel snapped photos of Jessica/Cheyenne and of Marian going into the trailer.  He'd have to admit he was there for sex to use the photos, but I'm sure he'll think of something.  It made Axel's day, anyway.

Lena and Rafael had steamy shower sex.  I thought it meant that Rafael and Lena were back together.  Lena had said something about not answering to Max.  Rafael said that their liasons would have to be secret.  Lena, cuddled against Rafael's chest, said she was sorry for Simone.  Rafael looked alarmed, though Lena couldn't see his expression.  Lena explained that Simone wanted so much to believe Jenny was still alive, even though Max had faked the letter.  She possibly said that Simone deserved to know the truth.

Well, Rafael first went down in my estimation when he called Axel a "maricon."

Axel corrected him: "Steinkamp-Schwarz."

Anyway, Rafael having shower sex with Lena and then letting Simone think that he's with her is really horrid.  I'd protest that it's ruining fond memories of the guys in the shower, but I'm enjoying seeing Lena in the shower, too.  I'm not sure if it was necessarily Lena and Max as a pair that was working for me.  It could well have been Lena herself.  With Annette and Ingo, it's definitely Annette for me.  I'll just go on telling myself that the actors and actresses are paid for being seen as sex objects.

So as far as characters seen in little clothing and/or meant to be hot this episode, I found Roman, Deniz, Brigitte and Lena to all be so.  Jessica/Cheyenne and Marian were both "meh" for me.  Rafael I think just benefitted from Lena's reflected hotness.

In other recent episodes, Annette in her little police costume, with the touch of homoerotic teasing from Nadine, was sizzling hot.  I could wish Tom was ten years older, but I'm still enjoying the view.  Frank as a baby butch -- nope, totally couldn't see her as a boy -- was adorable.  If Frank was queer and twenty years older, wow, would she do it for me.

I guess I was pretty "equal opportunity" in finding characters sexy today, but the show had equal opportunity for viewers that way today.

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Chrolli lately

I'm still just watching May's clips.  I haven't watched full Verbotene Liebe episodes in a few weeks.  I'm kind of missing Constantin and whatever is going on with Ansgar and Lydia lately, but not missing Prince Boring at all.

Anyway, the guys are beautiful and Lilly is adorable.  They're getting more plot than they usually get, or perhaps it's not having to go through all the dross of a full episode.  This past couple of days, they heard that Lilly's father, Fritz (Fritz?), wanted her back, then met him.  They decided he wasn't so bad a guy, and he was happy that Christian and Olli were taking such good care of Lilly.  He wanted to take Lilly back to Cameroon with him, so we got sad Olli, who always breaks my heart, and understatedly sad Christian.  He was going to take her back today's (Monday's) episode, but was scheduled for deportation much quicker than he thought he would be.  He left Lilly with Christian and Olli temporarily.  At least they saw that he was a nice person, despite his criminal record, and that he really loves Lilly.  You could sympathize with him, too, wanting his beautiful little daughter back with him, but being glad she was well taken care of by the guys.

Christian and Olli are determined to just enjoy being with Lilly as long as they have her, which probably won't be too much longer.  The plot isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  There's not a lot to it, but that's typical enough of VL.  If Lilly was hideously annoying, it would be getting on my nerves something awful, but she's usually pretty quiet.  She's just there radiating cuteness.

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real life Monday

Mom woke me at 9:00, putting covers over me.  She said they'd all fallen off as I slept on my couch-bed.  Once I'm asleep, I usually sleep pretty well, but apparently I toss and turn a lot.  I got up, had breakfast, then took a nap.  P. called around 11:30.  Mom was in the room, reading, and brought me the phone, but I had the Bluetooth turned on, and had to go get that before I could hear P. or talk to her.  She thought the call was bad because she was in a store.  We played phone tag for a bit after I got up again, then agreed to meet around 2:30.  I took her back to the house so we could look at e-readers.  I tried to wheel into the driveway, and it really didn't work with all the snow.  P. ended up pushing me out of the snowbank at the bottom of the driveway, and I parked on the street.

We only got about six inches of snow here, not as bad as the foot of snow in Philadelphia or the two feet of snow at the shore.  Still, the bottom of the driveway was bad.  We saw a plow come down the street, and pause as the driver saw me parked in the street.  Mom decided to back my car up the driveway.  She was too far over to the side a couple of times, and the car was getting stuck in the snow on the side of the hill.  P. had to push the car out of the snow once with Mom, too.  Poor P., she ended up doing some heavy work.  She was holding onto me so I wouldn't fall as I went up and down the driveway, and she held onto Mom, too.  Mom finally got the car up the driveway, and we trooped into the house.

I showed P. my e-reader.  We couldn't do much with hers, though I tried to log her into her county library account.  She couldn't remember her pin number.  I logged into my account, and showed her the web part of it (OverDrive?) that had e-books, and the ones I had checked out -- which I need to read in the next couple of days.  I showed her how I could download books onto the e-reader when I had it plugged into the computer.  I have yet to actually buy anything from the Sony store, so I don't know if that will be any use to me.  I'll probably try it at least once when I have extra money, but if you don't get multiple downloads in multiple formats, it won't be worth it to me.  The books looked pretty expensive.

P. said she'd set up an account with Barnes & Noble with hers.  The one she has is a Pan-Digital.  I have no idea.

I showed P. Google Books, and how I had free books from a few gardening authors, including Dean Hole.  I asked her if she could think of any religious authors she liked from the late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century.  I only knew about Dean Hole from his gardening interests -- I wouldn't have thought of anyone otherwise either.  She thought of several modern day ones.  We looked them up, and she saw you could buy the books from Google Books.

I went to Amazon then, and told her that you had to have a Kindle to buy e-books direct from Amazon.  The prices were high, I thought, higher for an e-book than a paperback, mostly.  In some cases, the Kindle edition was more expensive than the hardcover.  I didn't see how that could possibly work economically.  Some of the print books by the religious authors P. liked were on sale very cheap used, and P. was interested in that.  I said that there was $3.99 shipping with each book, but that sometimes the books were still relatively cheap.

We tried some of her authors at Fictionwise, and of course came up blank.  I realized why after a while, and felt foolish.  Now she knows she can get used books from Amazon, though.  I'm not sure if that was a good thing for her to learn.  It was very bad for my credit card when I learned that.  I hope the whole little tour was somewhat educational for her, at least.

We went to Staples, where P. wanted to spend her Christmas money on a printer.  We asked about wireless, and the assistant manager, who was helping us, started telling us what you needed to do with your router.  "You don't have a router, P.," I said.  "The wireless comes from the people around."  It all became clear to him.  He explained that she could hook her printer up to her laptop, and it should work just fine that way.  We eventually established that P. couldn't use a printer to fax, since she didn't have a phone line, either.  She just uses her cell phone for everything.

P. got a printer that was on sale for $50.  It could print, copy and scan, and had a space for a card from a digital camera.  I think that once she gets it set up all right, she'll like it pretty well.  I had a coupon for 20% off office supplies, but I'm still extremely broke until January.  I got a holder for a USB drive, since I have several of those, and lose them too often.

My Bluetooth headset had fallen twice already that afternoon, once into the snow as I surveyed how my car was stuck in a snowbank.  P. saw it go, and quickly handed it back to me, only a little snowy.  It fell out of my purse onto the floor of the car later.  At Staples, I asked about a case for that, to protect it.  The assistant manager took me to where they had "Really Useful Little Boxes," which were tiny, but big enough for my new Bluetooth "toy" and only $1.00.

Usually when P. and I go on shopping trips, I spend $50 in one store or another, and she mostly windowshops, or spends $10 at the dollar store.  It was the reverse this time around.  I said that I'd come back and look at printers when I had money, that I edited books and sometimes printed out novels.  The assistant manager said that I'd want a laser printer for that.  I think he said I could get a basic one for around $50.  I'll have to think about that sooner or later.

I told P. that I thought it was good for my mental state to get out of the house and do something useful, and see people.  She could see how it could be so.

I went kind of the long way around back to the house, so I was facing the driveway at a good angle, and coming down the hill that is the street.  I let my momentum carry me up over the slushy little snowbanks at the bottom of the driveway, and parked at the top.  It was a bit more exciting than I would have wished, but at least I got the car off the street.

I called Grandma S., and asked how she was.  I was hoping she hadn't spent Christmas alone.  "No," she said.  She'd been at Aunt P.'s.

"Oh," I said.  "I'm glad you had a nice Christmas."  Aunt P. was totally nebulous with us, up through the 23rd at least.  But no, Dad's other sister and her family had been there, too.

"It was a nice little group," Grandma S. said.  I said again that I was happy she'd had a good Christmas, and really, having all of us there is too much for her.  She can't hear any of us, and she gets very tired.  I just wish Aunt P. had said that to us.  Well, Grandma S. wasn't alone, and Aunt A. wasn't alone, either.  Family came to see her, too.  Next year I'll either get up to New Jersey or down to Baltimore to see relatives.  I talked to Grandma S. about coming up to see her some weekend in January, maybe.  She wasn't terribly definite, but she kind of leaves it up to us.

"What did you use your Christmas money from me for?" she asked.

"I renewed my pass to Longwood Gardens."

"Oh, I know you like going there," Grandma S. said.

"We're going to try to get there this week, to see the last of the Christmas season decorations," I told her.  It's true.  We were thinking of going with Mrs. L. and A. today, but that was called on account of snow.  It didn't turn out to be so bad here, but we didn't know that.

Grandma S. asked me if I was going to my cousin R.'s baby shower.  "Yes, Mom and I RSVPed."  She's going to try to make it, too.  So at least I should see her in mid-January, if not before.  I'm glad we got up there for her birthday, but I do like to see her around Christmas time, too.